What’s Rockin’ My World: Close to Graduation edition

  • 24 days until graduation and then I can be like….large
  • Job searching season. Which includes my favorite things….Interviews. Except at this point in my life, it just seems like a formality. YA KNOW I GOT DA JOB!
  • #RelishaRudd. I’ve been kind of obsessed over this case for the past month to be honest, following any Washington Post articles with insider information about her life and disappearance. I could dedicate a whole post to the shady details surrounding her disappearance, but it would all boil down to a list of questions. Have you been following? It’s the case of an 8 year old girl who was “taken” (allegedly, since some believe she was handed over by her mother) from a homeless shelter here in DC. Her alleged abductor was found a couple of weeks ago in a park, apparently he killed himself after he shot his wife dead a couple of weeks before. The question that’s left is where’s Relisha? The latest reports speculate that she may still be alive, and sold into sex-trafficking. What do you think happened to her?
  • Spring time slowing moving in= I don’t want to sit in nobody’s classroom anymore.
  • I am hardly in the mood to cook anymore and money’s running out.
  • GOOD _______. (fill-in-the-blank)
  • Another online STATISTICS class= death to all online classes.
  • The end of this chapter is near. I’m paranoid that I’m going to be missing some requirement that won’t allow me to walk. Irrational fears because it ain’t happening!
  • GOOD ________ . (fill-in-the-blank)
  • The endless possibilities from here on out. Will I be brave enough to take them?
  • Big hair.
  • Cocktail dresses.



  • Cherry Blossoms. A time of year that brings everybody into DC to witness Spring make its way in.
  • I have the attention span of a 2 year old. #Distractions
  • JETT, my baby. I have had my Jetta for almost 2 months now, so far, no complaints! We are ready to conquer summer!

Your turn. What’s rocking your world?

5 Things I Learned About Life: (Since 2012)

past is a story

Sometimes I believe this, other times I don’t.

  • Break-ups suck you-know-what. Eventually, with time, it becomes less sucky. Then you wake up, and you forget to remember the pain. That moment feels like victory. Common thread here is time.
  • School can be an awesome investment, but being in school can also make you wonder why are doing it. I made a career change at 26 years old. I will have a Master’s degree by 28. I never saw a Master’s degree for myself. But God had a different plan. He truly knows the desires of our hearts, hold on.
  • Be happy AHORA (now). Easier said than done, but too many times we have this unrealistic ideal of when we will be really happy. Why not just practice happiness before you get engaged? Why not be happy enjoying life pre-children? Why not be happy before landing the dream job? Why not spend the last couple of weeks as a student indulging in bad eating habits and late nights? Don’t these experiences color the journey?
  • Don’t be bullied into relationships. Having “something” is not better than being lonely or alone. Trust your worth, know yourself and listen to your gut!
  • Find time to write. Find time to read. Find time to __________. (insert what you love in the blank) Do what you love! It’s what makes life worth it!

Any lessons you care to share?





This semester has been pretty heavy on me, to say the least. In spite of the fact that my favorite season is officially here (SPRINGGG!!), we’ve had a pretty tough winter (by D.C. standards) which has caused 11 snow days in these here public schools. Now, who wouldn’t love a snow day to cuddle, drink hot chocolate and culminate in a 4-day work week?

Not a girl trying to rack up her clinical hours. I work in an elementary school, my hours are dictated by face to face contact. NO school, no contact, no hours.

The fact that I’m still a little ways away from my 400 hour requirement has been weighing on me all semester. And considering we have about 5 weeks left of school, I’m sort of freaking out although everyone around me (i.e: classmates) is basically chilling because they’ve either reached their hours or don’t know what it feels like to be in my predicament. Well, I’m holding on to faith. I know I will make it, but sometimes it’s hard to see past the number I’m at now.

Besides that, my supervisor is a tough cookie. I mentioned in my last VLOG that she is an older woman, who hasn’t taken an intern in 10 years (red flag). I’ve come to the conclusion that she is one of those people who is never satisfied by other people’s work. Granted, there are areas I need to work on, that’s why I’m still in school! And I know think she wants me to be a good clinician. She’s got that tough exterior, or some may call it tough love. I don’t know if I would call it tough love, because I’m still scratching my head wondering, where is the love?

Maybe I’ve been a little spoiled with positive verbal reinforcement for most of my graduate school clinical placements. Most of the time, I look to be treated the way we are taught to report information to our students’ parents: SAY SOMETHING NICE FIRST! I don’t care if it’s…that’s a nice shirt she’s wearing, you live in ______? That’s awesome! or he is such a well-behaved boy! You don’t flat out start talking about all the negative before saying something positive. Sometimes, I feel like I’m in a battlefield at my site, where every question is an exam and the help offered to me is limited. It has strengthened my belief that everyone is not meant to be a supervisor. I still do not regret the decision, because the bilingual case load I have is valuable and has taught me a lot so far.

But boy, am I tired of carrying the weight.