Voicemail’s I Haven’t Checked: Part 3

VM'sWe are in 2015. If it’s an emergency, I’m sure there’s a text or multiple calls involved. Ain’t nobody got time.… But I still appreciate them!

Good morning sweetie. I’m sorry I was getting ready because I have a doctor’s appointment um so call me back whenever you get a chance okay. Hope everything’s okay. Love you, talk to you later, bye.

*singing* You used to call me on my cellphone. Late night when you need my love, call me on my cellphone. Late night when you need my love.

Hey Tracey, um, this is Jaael you left me a message recently stating to call you. I’m giving you a call, it was really nice to hear from you, um… and I’m looking forward to, um, hopefully catching up, um so yea we’ll talk soon. Bye.

Ms. _____ _____, or is it changed? I’m not sure… maybe you’re married now. So you’re calling to wish me happy 6th anniversary of ____ _____, LLC. I’m sure that’s the reason you called on October 29th. Six years ago I was sent packing. Remember that? Anyway, I was in court all day. I’m done now. Give me a call or text. Let me know what’s going on. Miss ya. Where are you? DC? Where? Bye.

Traceyyyyy Happy Halloween, I was calling you back. Give me a call when you get a chance. Alright, talk to you later. Bye.

Hey Tracey, it’s Nicole give me a call back um when you get a chance.

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Do you think Voicemail’s are going to become obsolete? Shouldn’t there be an easier way by now?


Texts I Save (2015)

Text messages relevant in my current world.

“You don’t feel the love and are not showing love.” -someone I love

“Hey! What’s your address? You left your brush was going to drop it in the mail.” -Nicole

“But that’s the thing, I believe we have multiple soul mates. Specifically bcuz it would make no sense in this big ass world to have only 1.” -a friend

“I don’t see myself asking for kisses over dinner.” 

Okay sweetie-pie. So, is everything okay with you? -Mama H.

“I’ll always love you and be here for you.” -Rosemarie

Hi. Hope you’re fighting the good fight. – Wendell

Hey im speaking from experience. Love is a contact sport -Taron

Such is life,


Texts I Save (Post from 2012)

In the spirit of getting to know me better, and the follow-up to Voicemails I Don’t Delete, I give you a glimpse of messages I hold dearly.

I think everyone’s goal in life is to turn talent into profit. ;) good morning. -Channing, friend

I have to tweet this! Any objections? – Nicole, friend

…good morning!! Your tickets for Chicago are for sure…! Done. CR too short notice..!! Also send me a copy of your birth certificate to add you at work… You will pay 35% anywhere you want to go..!! -Roberto, father

I miss u and i hope everything is ok with u. Remember they are debt collector and their are train to scear u n lie to yo 90% of what they say to u is a lie. -Maura, sister

I mean getting exactly what you want out of life. It’s a play on the theme of the book, and something I sincerely hope you experience. -someone I love

Do I have to ask to see you or should I patiently wait your invite… -someone I used to love

Hey Tracey! Google this book– Become a million dollar scholar. -Maryam, friend

Well play it out and see how it goes. The trick is not to imagine things further than what you can see with your own two eyes. Keep things in proper perspective. -Xavier, a former friend

A text addict,