26: Shower Me with Gifts

For some reason, I like 26. I won’t officially be 26 until 2:40 am on July 10th, but according to me, I’ve been 26 since last year. People don’t really ask me how old I am anymore, unless they are just getting to know me. And I never mind telling them. I’m 26. Una mujer hecha y derecha (grown woman!). Well, sort of.

Although this year has represented so much drastic changes for me; my first time dealing with the indiscriminant sucka called grief,  loss of  love, failure to maintain financial security, and all the remnants from all those happening within a 3 months span… I got to the point where I had to stop in my tracks and say What the hell am I doing in life?! What do I have to show for 26 years? 

This is my first time (since I was 7) that I’m spending my birthday outside of the States. That means, I have to celebrate big! But before I reveal my plans, I wanted to make a list of 26 things I’m praying to become better at/improve on this year. Enjoy! Feel free to steal, add, revise, or comment on any mini-goal.

26 Things I Want To Do or Improve in 2011

  1. Be satisfied being single.
  2. Pray daily.
  3. Enjoy being alone with my thoughts.
  4. Maintain better eating habits.
  5. Flirt more.
  6. Show my body off more, while I still got it! lol
  7. Get back into school and envisualize my new career!
  8. Keep positive people around me.
  9. Read a new book every month.
  10. Connect with people in more meaningful ways. (online and off)
  11. Compliment women in public (Black women do more hating than complimenting!)
  12. Stop over-analyzing.
  13. Be more spontaneous.
  14. Take a notepad with me to most places.
  15. Learn how to be present in wherever I’m at.
  16. Be okay with leaving my cell phone at home.
  17. Learn a new dish from my grandmother.
  18. Take a solo trip.
  19. Smile more.
  20. Be more approachable.
  21. Listen more.
  22. Expand my playlist on my MP3 player.
  23. Don’t be afraid to voice my religious beliefs.
  24. Find activities that I enjoy to keep me in shape.
  25. Keep in touch with family members outside of FB and Twitter.
  26. Wear lingerie for myself!
Anything else I should consider putting on my list?
Happy {early} Birthday to me!!
NEW AROUND HERE? Start with this post, which talks more about how I ended up in Costa Rica!
Ready to tackle another year,
She Traces
I'm Blessed!
26: Shower Me with Gifts

10 thoughts on “26: Shower Me with Gifts

  1. Janejo says:

    I love this blog…and I loved your other one….I signed up for the meetup about women traveling because of you….may God bless you and keep you! Ciao!

  2. I can only imagine how you’re going to celebrate your 26th. It sounds like you’re going to go all. That list is on point. I could definitely benefit from a few of those. Another great post. Keep them coming.

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