Man Hands

It’s been awhile since I’ve had some man hands on me. Stripped down to my lacies with only two sheets lying on a bed, a little anxious…

Sex for the first time with someone is comparable to getting a massage in two ways: you become self-conscious about your body and you hope the person you get is good. Well, today I indulged in the latter of the relaxation forms and since I’ve only gotten about 2 professional massages in my life, there’s always a hesitant giggly attitude I get when I think about a complete stranger with his/her hands all over me. My first experience with a massage was so painful and dreadful that it made me reserved about ever purposely seeking one again. I will save you that story but I will share with you my experience with the first of many of my birthday gifts to myself this year!

About my treatment, taken straight from the ad:

Earth Energy Grounded: Receive a hot-stone treatment and a mini-facial that includes cleansing nutrients, exfoliation, and facial massage with a hydrating mask.

I chose a male masseuse because I wanted some firm gentleness. I wasn’t even expecting a hot guy with perfect pecks and no shirt on when I got there, but I still wanted to treat myself to my own visual once my eyes were closed! (Can a girl live?) So I enter the room, my masseuse explains to me exactly what the treatment entails, he asks me if I have any problem areas, and then proceeds to leave the room so that I can get undressed. I strip down to bra and panties and lay face down on the bed, and pull the covers over me. He knocks on the door, I respond ‘Pase!’ (Come in) and then I lay my head in the little horseshoe looking nook. He asks me if I mind removing my bra, I snap it off under the covers, and hand it to him so he can put it with my clothing on the chair.

The thing about massages to me is that I’m not sure about the politics of what’s normal behavior, what kind of nudity is expected, what’s behavior only a regular customer knows, and what’s not. The whole time I’m praying that I won’t be asked eventually to turn over and have my teresitas all out in the air (it’s happened to me before). I’m already thinking about my rebuttal, because hot masseuse or not, I need a drink or something first before I start exposing these goodies.

He begins with me laying on my stomach, pulling back the covers so that they are a bit below my waist, and then he pulls my lacies down a tad so that I got a little crackage going on. I’m a little weirded out, but not enough to say anything. I’m not necessarily self-conscious about my body, but then I start getting these weird thoughts about if I’m turning him on and what I would say if he makes an inappropriate comment or tries to come on to me. Thankfully, nothing like that happens. The hot stone massage is feeling good, he alternates back and forth with just his hands, and then massaging with the stones in his hands. The stones are hot, not scorching hot, but enough to feel good and I start to try to let my mind go blank instead of nursing my paranoia-ridden thoughts. Eventually I don’t mind that he’s sorta feeling on my booty while working because they are fast movements for the most part. What does make me uncomfortable is when he places his hands on top of mine so that our fingertips touch momentarily. I never realized how intimate that was; it’s true what they say about fingertip stimulation.

After my shoulders, back and top part of my bottom are all loved up, he proceeds to do the right and left leg. Then the anxiety rises again. Time to turn over. I do so. He then pulls the covers right up to my neck almost, Whew! Time for the facial. It was my first time getting a facial, and I’m sad to report probably my last. It seemed like a major session of put one cream on, wipe it off and try the next. I didn’t know what I was expecting really, since there aren’t really that many ways to massage a face. After all that, a mask was applied and then he proceeded to just massage my arms and legs, one at a time, before safely tucking them back into the covers. I was satisfied, felt super oily and had an Erykah Badu natural essence when I left, floating back home almost. Before I floated though, I paid my $28 (for at least an hour and a half of work!) and prayed to God he send me a husband with some hands that can work magic like that!

Man Hands

11 thoughts on “Man Hands

    1. Alicia, there’s nothing like massages out of the country! That’s the only reason I get them, when I’m outside of the country. I can’t afford to pay $1 a minute (60 min is usually $60). I mean you can’t expect to have all the same exact luxuries (mimosas, champagne and such) but the masseuse’s are just as trained. I really couldn’t complain.

    2. sunnydelyte21 says:

      You and I both…I would’ve had a hard time relaxing. I would to excited…lol. I need to get one done professionally.

  1. Sounds like you had a great experience. I have only had one massage in my short life (to date), but I will never forget it. I felt like a relaxed and pampered princess leaving there. It was the most fabulous birthday gift I have received so far. The mimosa’s helped top it off. Almost like a legal happy ending. 🙂

    1. Jaja- I kept wondering how a ‘happy ending’ for a woman would be harder to acquire. It’s not as impersonal as the way men can get off. Men are such lucky bastards.

  2. Massages are great. Pedicures are awesome too. I’m not interested in any man hands but I’m glad you are enjoying your birthday. Remember it’s a festival and not a party. Keep celebrating ma…..

  3. I got a full-body massage in Thailand and when they say “full body,” they mean it. Luckily before my trip, my coworker, who had been to Thailand, told me about the massages there so I was prepared. They massage EVERYTHING. Boobs, butt, labia. The only thing she didn’t do was put her finger in. LOL. But it was $17 for a 90-minute massage. Can’t beat that. And one of the best massages I’d ever gotten.

    1. LOL. I am literally in the library laughing out loud like a crazy lady. WHAT?! WORD? So they get down like that in Thailand. I don’t know if I would be okay with that, being that I normally expect a date first. Is that like ‘happy ending’ for a woman? OMG! I can’t imagine it. How does your body not respond naturally to that?

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