Beach Weekend: Manuel Antonio

Cataratas, pronounced kind of like Cataracks or Cadillac

Manuel Antonio might seem like any other sleepy little beach town that graces most Latin American countries but what I enjoy about traveling here specifically is: you can find an accommodation to fit any budget (with some legwork),  there’s public transportation that runs pretty consistently throughout the day, it’s only a 3-hour skip from San Jose, and there’s no major resort-like developments blocking free beach access. For my third visit, Manuel Antonio is just as I remembered it (except one tangerine-colored intrusion that opened in December 2010 right outside the National Park) the waves are just as playful, the food is still delicious, the only thing that I would say needs to improvement is the nightlife.

Here is my weekend in pictures:


* Meeting an interesting Canadian couple who we ended up bumping into again the second night at the Sports bar, and a third time on our bus ride back to Chepe (San Jose). I will be making my way up to Montreal in the near future!

Such friendly Canadians!

* Experiencing a waterfall with a pool shallow enough for me to stand up in! I’m not a full confident swimmer just yet, and was happy I didn’t have to be satisfied with dipping my feet in the water.

Shallow Waterfall...Heaven

* A run on the beach Saturday morning in my brand new workout outfit had me pretty confident with the way my body looked, but about 7 minutes into the run, breathless and tired, I thought ‘looks are deceiving.’

Morning Run

* Over-sleeping and not feeling guilty about it the next day.

* The peresozo (sloth) that made eye-contact with me, we had a connection.

Come to mama…

I can still hear the waves crashing in my head.

Monkeys don't let monkeys drink the juice...
View from the top of the hill

Until the next road trip,

She Traces

PS- If you’re gonna borrow my pics, at least give me a link back (gracias!).


4 thoughts on “Beach Weekend: Manuel Antonio

  1. It sounds like you had a great time. That’s what it’s all about. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel to such a soothing and beautiful place, but it definitely looks inviting in pictures. One of these days, I will get out and see the world…no doubt about that.

    By the way, your pictures are really cute…and I’m not referring to the scenery. 😉

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