Tico Mini-Lesson #1: Pura Vida

“Pura vida” is Costa Rica’s unofficial national slogan that is used in everyday conversation. The literal translation to English “pure life” loses its essence as is common in word-for-word translations but it basically evokes the spirit that ´life is good.´ The expression conveys the state of happiness, peace and tranquility that the political stability and high quality of life bring to Costa Ricans (also known as Ticos/Ticas). Pura Vida celebrates the constant appreciation of the simple life void of unnecessary technological distractions. It values the fact that no matter how many deadlines, appointments and responsibilities are ahead life is still good. The phrase can be used as a greeting (in place of “hello” or “goodbye”) a response to “how are you?” or as a well-wish to someone at the end of a conversation. In essence, Pura Vida is a mentality, a daily reminder to take life easy and never lose sight of what’s really important in the bigger scheme of things.


As a greeting:

Hola, como estas? (Hello, how are you?)

Aqui, Pura Vida! (Here, Pura Vida)


As a farewell:

Hasta luego (Good-bye)

Ok, Pura Vida!

Tico Mini-Lesson #1: Pura Vida

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