Shortest Book Review Ever: Sarah´s Key

I started writing short book reviews back on my old blog, and since I´m a bonafide bookworm, decided I´ll keep the spirit of reading alive. I have 2 more weeks left in Costa Rica, and intend on reading at least two more books before I leave.

Here´s what I´ve read since I´ve been here:

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Baby Planner by Josie Brown

Just finished:

Author: Tatiana de Rosnay

Pages: 293

Reading Group Guide: Yes

Gist: This book can be considered historical fiction, the center of the action revolves around a true event. The Vel´ d´Hiv´was the 1942 round-up of Jewish families that occured  in France. It´s considered Paris´little dirty secret because the round-up was done by French police under German orders. The story is two-fold;  it follows a little girl named Sarah, and a woman named Julia and how their lives are intertwined.

Best Line: ¨Not tonight. Not now. Amelie was over. Was she, though? Was she really? I had to admit I was not sure. But for now, I did not want to know. I did not want to see…. Closing my eyes. Wasn´t that the typical French attitude, ¨closing your eyes¨on your husbands wanderings?¨

Recommend: Yes, it was a fast and entertaining read. I was enlightened about the tragic event and the people affected, but I wasn´t too moved by the prose or author´s style. I was expecting a little bit more from the reviews I had heard.

Currently Reading:

The Mystic Masseur by V.S. Naipaul

What´s on your book shelf, in your bag or e-reader right now?

Shortest Book Review Ever: Sarah´s Key

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