Becoming One With the River

Rapids are kind of like life. One day you can be cruising along lazily through life, or find yourself in a comfortable routine not even recognizing you´re in a happy place.  Suddenly, in the distance the sound of rushing water alerts you to trouble ahead. You take position with your paddle, ready to navigate past rocks, against currents avoiding falling out of the boat, or being defeated. There´s adrenaline involved, and each time you make it past each obstacle your arms are getting stronger and you´re building mental resistance.  Like life, there will be a time to paddle against the current, as well as a time to retreat and quickly bend down inside the boat (Todos adentro/Get down) .

My initial fear of falling out of the boat and into the water was suddenly wiped out when I experienced how much control you have in the boat. The thrill of the natural obstacle course, the team effort of taking direction from the guide, the adrenaline rush of the unknown danger, and the fierce camraderie of rowing in unity all make the experience SWEET!  I found myself bored when the still water came, yearning to hear that water rushing. Costa Rica turned me out, I´m a rafting aficionado now… Enjoy the hilarious pictures!


Fearlessly Yours,

She Traces


Becoming One With the River

17 thoughts on “Becoming One With the River

  1. Mr.TramueL says:

    Great action shots, looks like you had an amazing time. We have a nature park locally with white water rafting. I would love to experience it ~

  2. Wow it looks like you had an amazing time. I am kind of jealous that you are still in Costa Rica as I was just looking over my photos again from my trip. What a beautiful country. I really wanted to go white water rafting when we were there but we went zip lining instead and it was crazy out of this world. I highly suggest it if you haven’t done it.
    Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my blog {} To answer your question the camera I use is the basic Canon Rebel model with the lens it came with. I would love to get more lenses for it but I would rather spend my money on travels!
    I hope you are having a wonderful week and have some fun adventures planned for the weekend.
    Much Love,

  3. Hey Crys, thanks for stopping by. I have def done zip-lining (see post below for picture) and I believe it’s another great way to see the beauty of Costa Rica from above. I am def printing pictures from this trip, I realized that having them in a FB album or online is not enough I miss the simplicity of photo albums.
    Your camera is the business~! If I was a real photographer, I would invest in one, but I’m like you…my money goes towards trips.
    You’re welcome back anytime (to Costa Rica, and here!)
    Pura Vida,

  4. I have never gone white water rafting, but it looks crazy fun! You have inspired me to try, maybe not in Costa Rica, but I’m sure I can find a spot! Love the pics!

    1. Yes, there’s plenty of places to try, that can suit your pace. The only thing about trying rafting up North is the water is cold!! That makes all the difference for me. And believe it or not, the pictures make the rapids look bigger than they were. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to water sports, but the adrenaline got me through it!

  5. wow that looks refreshing…I wish to do river rafting one day with my group of friends. It sounds so much fun with all those adventure fun and then we can shout as much as we can and enjoy ourself 😉
    Thanks for sharing

  6. That looks a lot more adventures than my timid rafting trip this past weekend. I hope that I can eventually get up the courage to go on bigger and better rapids. I will be reading the rest of your posts about Costa Rica.

    1. You should try bigger ones, all you need is someone to be there with you and have your back! The adrenaline is the biggest motivator for me. Fighting through fear is always worth it to me.

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