Welcome Back

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” George Moore

Although the mere thought, fantasy, or idea of any type of trip gives me inexplicable joy the fact that I have somewhere to call home is also very comforting. During this extended time away, I learned that I love spontaneity as well as stability. I love the ability to get up and go and not worry about paying anything but a storage unit. I don’t like being tied down to a job but I know that in order to pay to travel, I will need to dedicate myself to a field for a significant amount of time. I’m equally in love with the idea of home, a place quietly waiting your return. A refuge where you refuel, relive memories, rest, and plan for your next trip. My next goal in life will be to balance a career and home life without sacrificing or apologizing for my deep desire to travel somewhere new once a year. I don’t want to work for vacation, instead, I want to fully challenged and satisfied at work to make vacations that much more meaningful. I want to love what I do, both at home and away.

In spite of the fact that I’m ready to stop calling NYC home, I’m glad to have been bred in a City that many only see in movies and read in books. There’s nothing like seeing NYC with virgin eyes. On my way back home, my flight flew into LaGuardia Airport. In preparation for landing, the plane hovers low over the island of Manhattan (see left, not my picture though). Looking out of my window seat that night with no cloud coverage, my eyes were captured by the conglomeration of lights around 42nd Street, also known as Times Square. How beautiful, I thought to myself. It had been a while since I thought of NYC as beautiful. Home has received me very well, I must admit. Maybe because I know my time here is short, since I will be beginning my next endeavor in 2 weeks (details soon). Maybe because I’ve been away long enough to appreciate what I’ve missed practically all summer. Whatever it is, I’m still learning how to incorporate PURA VIDA when I’m not in Costa Rica. More specifically I’m striving to be present daily, how to not beat myself up for planning ONE TASK a day, how to stay away from fast food, and how to remain active mentally and physically. I don’t know when I’ll be back to Costa Rica again, but I have enough memories, pictures and blog posts to remind me of all the things I have learned.

I came back to NYC to find that: although your environment shapes you, it shouldn’t rule your attitude or happiness. If it does, do what you can to change it!

Ever had an epiphany on your way home or after returning from a trip?

Welcome Back

4 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. Mr.TramueL says:

    I’m from Roanoke, VA. It sits in a valley with a 360 degree view of mountains. Growing up I realized how spectacular this is, moving away I appreciated it even more. The trip home ascends through the mountains and creates spectacular views. In the fall, when the leaves turn it provides a picturesque backdrop.

    No epiphany, your story sparked a thought. Strong post, welcome back.

    1. Nice…I’m going from amazing skyscraper skylines to mountains and lakes. The fall and wintertime will probably be the most beautiful, but really all I’m looking forward to is walking around town and having strangers greet me and smile. Sounds simple, but it means so much to me. I’m sure I’ll miss the ‘constant entertainment’ in NYC, either that or I’ll find replacements for it.

  2. Ms. Nikks says:

    I don’t like the feeling of being tied down. I want to be able to get up and go whenever I want to, but in order to do so, we definitely have to work for awhile and save. I feel everything you’re saying and I understand. Going home always makes me feel refresh and motivated. I always come back changed somehow. I tolerate less bullsh*t and I work harder so I can play without rules.

  3. I want to be free and stable at the same time. I never liked the title ‘flighty’ because it has such negative connotations. Eventually I do want to have a home and make a home for my family, but I want to plant that same thirst of loving to explore new cultures and see new things every opportunity they get.
    I like what you said about tolerating less, and working harder…motivation is def. acquired with some frequent flier mileage.

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