Me, Mami & Lady Liberty


Both my parents live in different states. My father lives in Boston and my mother chose the tropical hurricane-prone and humidity of the Sunshine State. I love retreating to her state when I need a quick get-away, but for her, coming to NY is usually for personal business and not so much pleasure. This time around, we decided to follow the tourist route and visit Lady Liberty, a lady I have admired on tours only from boats along the island of Manhattan but have never in 16 years of living in New York City visited the actual island where she resides.

$15 dollars later we secured our tour to Liberty Island and Ellis Island (if you want to actually enter the platform or crown of the Statue, that’s a whole ‘nother line and fee that we were too impatient for) and find our line to make our way to the ferry. An hour and a half later, we reached the security clearance which is basically like a small airport security operation sans having to remove your shoes. Finally, we were ready to board the ferry at 1:45pm.

While we were waiting on line, 2 Brazilian men behind us proceeded to make small talk. One of them asked the age-old conundrum of why I was just visiting Lady Liberty having lived in New York City for so many years. My answer… when you live in a city for so long, you tend to subconsciously take landmarks and places for granted thinking they are always going to be there. So for me, there was never really a rush. Also, unlike other states there really is no ‘NY resident’ discount for tickets to attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the countless of other tourist attractions. Money makes all the difference.

Spending time with my mother is always a trip. Simply put, my mom is an animated character. She’s known to laugh with her whole body, use English expressions the wrong way (think Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara minus the annoying accent), and want to make friends WHEREVER she goes. Some of her habits irk me easily at this point, even though they shouldn’t because I already know those are just her unique ways. So instead of sit here and list of the things that annoy me about mommy dearest, I’m going to list the top 4 things that make my mom better than the average mom.

  • SHE’S FLYER THAN YOUR AVERAGE 40-SOMETHING. I mean really, how many moms can pull this look off?
  • SHE’S THE BAG LADY OF ALL BAG LADIES. Need a mini-flashlight? antibacterial wipe? q-tip? Corona? condom? Bible? floatie device? toilet paper? change of clothes? Mom’s got it covered.
  • SHE WILL DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING I ASK OF HER. One of the fascinating facts about Ellis Island that I learned is that immigrants of African descent from the islands were registered through there, not just Europeans like I had originally thought. In the museum on Ellis Island, they have poster-sized pictures of immigrants in some exhibits and I saw some well-dressed West Indian women from the island of Guadeloupe. I then turned and said to mami, Look your sisters, go take a picture with them! And like a great sport, here’s how a mom makes a daughter crack up on Ellis Island.

  • SHE HAS CONTAGIOUS LAUGHTERMy mom will laugh at her own jokes if need be. If that’s not loving yourself I don’t know what is.
I love her,
She Traces
Me, Mami & Lady Liberty

8 thoughts on “Me, Mami & Lady Liberty

  1. Andrew Rowley says:

    Lol great post. Your mom seems pretty awesome, indeed. It’s funny I’ve been out here all of my life and I have yet to visit lady libby! I always say I will but being around swarms of tourists makes me insanely irritated and even hungrier than I normally am. It’s always cool to have a good relationship with mom. That’s how I am with mine. Great shots too. Hope you both had a great time 🙂

    1. LOL. Makes you hungrier than usual? That’s hilarious. I must say, I enjoy meeting tourists now. While living in CR, I was volunteering at a place that hosted ecotourism activities and I actually looked forward to see who was visiting and where they were from. I think that NY gets a bad rap for friendliness simply because they don’t appreciate tourists– some countries know tourism is the heartbeat of their economy so they make sure people come and leave with a great impression of their country.

    1. Hey Becks!
      Me too. That’s my fave picture from the whole trip!
      On a side note, I know you subscribed at the beginning of this journey, but for some reason I don’t think it went through because you’re not getting posts to your inbox r ya?

  2. I haven’t been to the Statue of Liberty since I was a newborn! Thats over 20 years of living in the city and never re-visiting! Isn’t it crazy how we New Yorkers tend to take such landmarks for granted?! This post inspires me to change that. I am putting this on my list of things to do in my lifetime and I am no longer taking my city for granted. I am going to appreciate everything there is about that city that I can-from the food to the people to music to the sites. Here’s to being a New Yorker but here is also to living and being in the moment and not just being a passerby (there’s a word out there for that but cant think of it right now). Thanks Trace!

    P.S. your mom is hip!

    P.S.S. there are 038309539403843 things about my mom that irk me as well but at the end of the day she is still m y mother and I love her. As you get older those things stop irking you less and less and its crazy because why does it take that long to appreciate our parents? This is a whole other post haha.

    -From one Tica to anotha

    1. Thanks, I’m glad I could inspire you! What you wrote is like a mini post..being a New Yorker is about knowing your hometown better!
      I think my mom is hip too. I was thinking about the things that irk me, but I didn’t want to glorify that. So instead, I thought about things that put a smile on my face and make me shake my head like ‘Only my mother…’
      I appreciate ya Tica!!

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