Perks of Living Alone

Now that I’m settling in to my very first apartment, I am kind of thankful that my first week on campuswent the way it did. I got a taste of the dorm life, living in a designated single suite for a week, and although it was like living on my own without as much responsibility there is truly nothing like walking home to my apartment at the end of a long day and knowing it’s going to be exactly how I left it. I can do whatever I choose to in my own space. If I want to blast music, I can. If I want to cook it up, I can. If I want to light candles and meditate while I take a bubble bath, I don’t have to worry about who’s dirty paws were in there before me. Also, it’s nice not to be restricted to just a room. Sure the dorms do the best they can to offer as much leisure space in common areas, but you’re always subject to having anyone walk in and be as loud as they want to be, or just distract you from whatever vibe you were trying to achieve.
There are other very common perks to living alone, but here are my personal top 6:
1.   If I wake up late, I know the bathroom is FREE. This one is especially important to me because as winter beckons, I tend to pull the covers over my head for just one more snooze frequently. I also grew up in a house full of people who made mad dashes to the bathroom in the morning, and I’m glad I don’t have to negotiate 10 extra minutes of sleep for showering.

2.   The kitchen stays as clean as I keep it. No wondering who left the spill on the counter, or dirty pots in the sink. The kitchen is one place where I don’t like leaving dirty dishes or garbage overnight, and the sight of a dirty kitchen is not conducive to cooking. A clean kitchen makes a happy cook. =)

3.    I am on my own cleaning schedule. Everyone has a unique cleaning personality. Most people are not a clear germophobe or just plain nasty, most of us fall somewhere in between. I like to clean thoroughly at least once a week (Sundays), but there are certain places that I would let get messier than others. For example, I might let clothes build up in the bedroom, or let the bathroom sink cry out for some attention before I leave crusty pots in the sink or a floor unswept. Cleaning priorities are relative.

4.    I have enough space for all my clothes/shoes. I don’t have to negotiate storage space or fold and pack everything tightly to fit all my clothes in the closet or dresser. Granted, I only have pretty much winter clothes up here for this semester, but I fit comfortably here. There is no clutter, because this place is a perfect spacial fit!

5.   Quiet+space= reflection. Sometimes, our worlds can be very distracting because people are around. Living with someone, even in separate rooms, means that you are still aware of them. Maybe you don’t play your music as loud as you would, or have certain conversations because there’s a possibility that they can hear you. You are not in the same conscious space that you are when you are truly alone and undisturbed. When you only have that voice in your head to listen to, it makes all the difference.

6.    You can dance like no one is watching, sing like you can keep a note or jam to a song that you’re embarrassed to like. Self-consciousness goes out the window.  In your own mental music video, YOU are Kanye’s main chick, YOU have the vocal talents of Alicia Keys and YOU can confidently blast  K.D. Lang’s ‘Constant Craving’ as if you wrote the song yourself!

I could get used to this.
What have you/do you enjoy most about living alone? Or What do you look forward to the most when that time comes?
Independently Yours,
She Traces
Perks of Living Alone

15 thoughts on “Perks of Living Alone

  1. yes i LOVE all of these about living alone…it is a great feeling…but i do have some old roomies that i do miss alot. living with them was so much fun and it made coming home to find them doing random things kinda interesting.

    thanks for coming to my blog! the main channel i watched that helped me out the most was Kimmytube….i looked at hundreds of videos and her hair was the closest to mine and her styles and products worked best for me…

    here are some names of other gals that i look at their channels as well…
    Nikkimae2003 (one of my fav!!)
    borderhammer (def one of my fav!)

    i have been natural all my life…i just never realized i was not taking care of my hair like i should. if you do decide to try it again good luck! there are tons of channels out there with tips and advice. its really about trying to find out what works best for you. If you have any questions feel free to ask me anything and ill def try to answer it or send you a link to a great video i have found on youtube


    1. Thanks, I’m sure with all those to choose from, I should get lots of inspiration. My hair is at a funny length, I really cut it this short to wear it straight but right now that’s not part of the budget. But dreds are slowly creeping up on the priority list. Maybe for 2012, I will seriously commit to it.

  2. Ms. Nikks says:

    I’m with you on the bathroom being free and clean kitchen, but most of all I’m all about the quiet space to reflect. I love my solitude, so I can appreciate that quiet time. Congrats on the first apartment!

  3. *J says:

    Hey buddii! I’m sorry I haven’t been by in awhile. I have been reading though. Gotta luv getting your blog post straight to my phone. Only thing is I haven’t been commenting like before.

    This was a good post. I’m so happy for you! I knew you would do well in school and living on your own. There is truly no feeling like having a place of your own. Like you stated, you can just let loose and enjoy yourself. That is definitely a joy of life.

    I gotta admit…I would luv to see your dancing around your place. I’m sure that’s a sight to see! 😉

    1. Hey there! I know how the hustle gets, you don’t ever have to apologize. I did realize my blog was phone-friendly, how cool!
      Living alone is truly an experience, it does get funny sometimes when I hear a noise and get super-paranoid because I know that there shouldn’t be anyone else making noises!
      And I look like a total dork trying to emulate whoever is playing on the speakers, so picture that. lol Thanks for checking in!

      1. sunnydelyte21 says:

        Its always best to live by yourself…I freak when anyone over stays their welcome. I love being able to roam around in whatever I feel like wearing or not wearing. LOL

        If I could just put my mini somewhere & my cat…lol..jk

      2. J you are too much. Do you know that I’m self-conscious dancing in my house b/c of you now? I turn around and look out my windows as if someone is watching me! *singing* Sometimes it feels like…someone is watching me!! lol

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