26: Birthday Goal List {Status}

As I was doing some housekeeping here on Globe Tracer, I came across my 26th Birthday Goal List. Anyone who knows me must be aware that I’m semi-obsessed with lists (got my bucket list, things I will miss from Costa Rica list here) so why not find another reason to make a new list? What has my process been on this said Birthday list?

Let’s see how I’m doing based on the following rating system: Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory and Needs Improvement. Get ready, this is a long one!

1. Be satisfied being single. Status: U. I’m bad at being single. Or completely unattached. I don’t really have any excuse besides I hate being lonely! #don’tjudgeme

2.  Pray daily. Status: NI. Most of the time I manage to wake up and half sleep I say ‘Thank You God’ acknowledging the fact that I’m up to see another day, and that I woke up in my right mind. I would like to extend these sessions to have a more meaningful conversation, though, but maybe mornings are not the ideal time since I’m barely there.

3.  Enjoy being alone with my thoughts.  Status: NI.  I’m sure God is having a good laugh right now, because he would put me in my own apartment just so that I’m forced to deal with my worst enemy.

4.  Maintain better eating habits. Status: S. I do cook more than ever (although I dislike cooking for myself) so the fact that I’m not eating out as much as I used to makes me feel good.

5.  Flirt more. Status: NI. Someone should write a good book on this art, because it eludes me.

6.  Show my body off more, while I still got it! Status: S. I’m trying, but if people want to label me as conservative, I’ll be that too.

7.  Get back into school and envisualize my new career! Status: S. Back in school, can’t wait to start makin’ some monies!

8.  Keep positive people around me. Status: NI. As far as physically, it’s been hard to make new friends. But I still keep in contact with folks who inspire me!

9.  Read a new book every month. Status: S.  One book a month is very ambitious, especially with a full course-load. Currently I’m reading 3 books: Native Son by Richard Wright, Falling from Grace by S.L. Naeole and Look at Me by Jennifer Egan. I like to read different genres and alternate depending on my mood.

10.  Connect with people in more meaningful ways. (online and off) Status: S. In the online world, it’s been great. Offline, needs improvement.

11.  Compliment women in public (Black women do more hating than complimenting!) Status: NI. I don’t see many Black women here, but I will attempt being friendlier in general to women.

12.  Stop over-analyzing. Status: NI. I don’t even think it’s realistic goal when this is so second-nature.

13.  Be more spontaneous. Status: S. I had duck liver in Montreal, if that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is.

14.  Take a notepad with me to most places. Status: S. I’m always with a bookbag, more than likely there’s paper in there.

15.  Learn how to be present in wherever I’m at. Status: S. I am very present here. Maybe I should make this one: stop complainin’ about where I’m at! It’s not forever!

16.  Be okay with leaving my cell phone at home. Status: S. I’m always okay with this one. I can’t deny though…if someone is not looking for me or I don’t have at least 7 missed calls, I tend to feel like no one cared.

17.  Learn a new dish from my grandmother. Status: S. I did learn a new way to make chicken, haven’t tried it yet though!

18.  Take a solo trip. Status: S. Bocas Del Toro, Panama!

9.  Smile more. Status: NI. It’s too cold to smile here. 

20.  Be more approachable. Status: NI. Apparently, smiling more helps with this one.

21.  Listen more. Status: S. I am doing much better, since I am not interrupting people as much.

22.  Expand my playlist on my MP3 player. Status: NI. This would require me having someone to steal borrow music from.

23.  Don’t be afraid to voice my religious beliefs. Status: N/A. I haven’t really been in the forum yet where I’ve been compelled to share my religious beliefs. I try to live as a Christian, as opposed to wearing the title on my sleeve.

24.  Find activities that I enjoy to keep me in shape. Status: U. See #19.

25.  Keep in touch with family members outside of FB and Twitter. Status: S. I find that I want to keep in touch with people more than they want to keep in touch with me!

26.  Wear lingerie for myself! Status: S. I stocked up real good in Costa Rica, so I’m good for a while.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end! (or not!)

Quick Glance:

Satisfactory: 13

Needs Improvement: 9

Unsatisfactory: 2

List or no list, God loves me too much to keep me the same.Thank Him for that!


The non-smiling, duck liver trying, reading three books at once, textbook toting, over-analyzer.

How often do you make lists and forget to follow up with them? Isn’t it more fun just to speak them into the universe and hope something happens?

26: Birthday Goal List {Status}

10 thoughts on “26: Birthday Goal List {Status}

  1. Priceless says:

    Good work sticking to parts of the list! I think I need a list other than my budget list which has been popping up and changing everyday!!!! How was the duck liver….and lasty PRAISE GOD that he loves us enough to change us 🙂

  2. This is a really good idea. I have a few things I am working on for myself and I think making a list and rationalizing where I am at in regards to progress would be very therapeutic. Thanks for sharing this.. much enjoyed.

  3. I love the list that you made for yourself. I’m a little obsessed with list too so I understand that completely. I think that it’s great to keep us aware of what we want to do and stay focused on that task. From what you listed it’s helped you with some of those task and let you know what you still need to work on.

    Fun stuff.

  4. I’m soooo with you on #2. There have been several times where I’ve fallen back asleep in the midst of saying my morning “thank yous.” God deserves better than that. Though I do have morning devotion, there’s nothing like a coherent praying upon awakening. I’m gonna work on that. Thanks!

    1. She actually just taught me how to cut up half a chicken into smaller pieces (you got to put some elbows into this) and brown the chicken before sauteing it in a nice sauce… I haven’t tried this yet since I’ve been back. When I do, will forward the recipe!

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