7 Things I Learned from going back to School (At 26)

  1. The concept of school was more appealing from a distance.
  2. Nobody knows (and/or cares) how old you are.
  3. Studying is painful, honed skill. It also has the word ‘dying’ in it.
  4. Friend-making is harder now that you’re older and discriminant.
  5. You’ll wonder if some classes should have really been called: Autodidacticism 101.
  6. There will be days you also wonder if you’re the only one in the library.
  7. No matter what, working towards a new goal beats the dead-end job blues.
7 Things I Learned from going back to School (At 26)

18 thoughts on “7 Things I Learned from going back to School (At 26)

  1. Ms. Nikks says:

    Hopefully I’ll be doing that next year and I’m not looking forward to all those thoughts you’ve shared. The last point makes me feel better about it though.

  2. Amen.

    And you’re still young and able to reveal such truth. Imagine myself returning to finish a Bachelor’s Degree which I should’ve obtained back in the 90s. I co-swign every sentiment expressed.

  3. erin.nicole says:

    I’m back in school while balancing my regularly scheduled life (ie: full-time job, etc.). I can totally agree with everything you’re saying. I’m in my last year of classes before my dissertation and I want to say that it gets better, but I’m not there yet. So I’ll just say that I hope it gets better…for both of us!

  4. Seeing as how the past semester has concluded, I just had to revisit this post. It makes me laugh and reflect upon how going back was everything I figured it would be, both good and bad. Lol.

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