Tracing the Virtual World

Today I am Guest Posting over at one of my favorite blogger’s spot, Ms. BlaQ Daisy. Make sure you check out and support my post entitled I’m a Big Girl Now. Her writing is pretty awesome so make sure you treat yourself to that as well!

Also, if you missed my feature, Random 7, on Up4Discussion’s site catch up here!

Now that finals week is over, I can breathe and I can catch up on my #Reverb11!

Reverberations (v): To resound in a succession of echoes.

What’s #Reverb11, you ask? Well it’s the time I reflect on my past year and make postive reverberations for the year that’s to come!

I’ll be answering some or all of the following questions on the blog.  I encourage everyone to journal, blog, or simply share your responses in the comments below. If you are already participating, make sure you leave me your URL.

Highlight Questions:

Where did 2011 begin? What did you lose this year? Which blogs did you enjoy the most? Where did you leave your mark? What motto emerged this year? What new strengths did you discover about yourself this year? What do you hope to remember? What books did you read? Describe your favorite eating/cooking experience. What was your relationship to technology this year? What was your favorite guilty pleasure? Write a love letter to your future self a year from now.

Whatever life-stage you may find yourself in, I’m a big proponent of writing. Writing is not only creating, but it’s remembering. Thanks for sharing in this journey {GlobeTracer} with me this year, I hope to connect with you in a more personal way over the remainder of this year and of 2012.

If you haven’t, make sure you Tweet Me Hello! To see where I started my journey, go back to my first post.


Tracing the Virtual World

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