ReCognizing Strengths

Reflection Question: What new strengths did you discover about yourself this year?

  • Courage: While trying to navigate Costa Rica and figuring out how to get the best out of time there I learned how to discriminate everyone’s well intended-advice. I knew I wanted to work there, I knew I also wanted to volunteer but I needed help with the logistics of finding work in a relatively safe neighborhood, and figuring out the modes of transportation. I wanted to be as independent as possible, but it still took a lot of courage to ask for help and to ask distant family members to let me stay with them and to show me bus routes, etc.
  • Coping: When I came back to the States I had another task ahead of me– a move from the city to a small town. I never expected to have such a hard time transitioning to life outside of a big city. I looked at it as a kind of opportunity to experience what suits my personality better, so that when the time comes to start my family I’ll know where I’ll be comfortable living. I am still adapting and have learned some of the perks of living alone this past year, and the importance of building of a real-life social community.
  • Committed Creativity: I am very proud of my journey with GlobeTracer, which began on June 11, 2011 (shout-out to to Mr. L in CR for helping me with the brainstorming process). This marks my 37th post, and I will strive to hit 40 before the January 1st! I have committed to posting as consistently as life allows, and so basically when I’m not living I’m writing, or thinking about it. I have met some awesome bloggers along the way, people who I’m striving to get to know more than just on the surface. I appreciate those bloggers who inspire me to write with a purpose, and who provoke some self-reflection when sharing their experiences or internal dialogues. Writing is not easy! Writing for an online audience is even harder, but the feedback and sincere comments I receive along the way make every second I put into this blog worth it. 

What new strength came to light for you this year?



ReCognizing Strengths

6 thoughts on “ReCognizing Strengths

  1. Jessica says:

    First and foremost one if the qualities I love about you and draw me to you is you’re sense if independence and if you are working on it it, I appreciate the journey to finding independence. This leads me to my new strength that I’ve discovered this year. I too have gained quite a bit of courage this 2011. Although I enjoy company from the boo, my girls, sister-whomever, I can go to a book stote, furniture shop, play, museum, and even restaurant/dine alone (ok haven’t tried dinner yet but breakfast, brunch, and lunch) etc I am more confident and I believe this is just the beggining! I am actually looking into purchasing my cousin and his wIfe’s condo maybe late next year or early 2013. *crosses fingers* so here’s to us! Independent but still need/want/appreciate our man women! 2012!

    1. I am def. not 100% there, but thanks for your comment that inspires me and makes me believe that I will be at that stage soon enough. My time is coming…
      Courage to enjoy yourself. I love it. Once you try to take yourself out on a date the first time, it will get easier. I remember watching a Girlfriends episode where Joan does this very thing- gets all dolled up for dinner with herself.
      This year I had learned to be with my thoughts, which can betray me sometimes but it’s a process. I’m doing things for the first time that I’ve never experienced, and I just have to stop and thank God sometimes. Although it’s hard some days being alone, I’ve got to keep pushing. I hope that condo works out for you, and if it’s meant to be you’ll know! Here’s to 2012!

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