Quotable: Serve

“We can fix without serving. And we can help without serving. And we can serve without fixing or helping…fixing and helping may often be the work of the ego, and service the work of the soul.” – Rachel Remen (1996)

I found this quote in one of my Communicative Disorders textbooks, and I thought it was interesting. Sometimes when people say they want to ‘help’ others, that denotes a relationship between two unequal partners (the subconscious You’re beneath me mentality). Serving is viewed as a balanced or equitable connection between individuals. In my career, I don’t want to fix or help, I want to serve. Isn’t that what God desires from us, after all?

If you’re interested in more ways to serve others, here’s a cool list of 100 Ways to Serve Others. I’ve already started with sharing books I’ve read with others (#30). It’s better than having them sit on my bookshelf, collecting dust.

What kind of things do you do to serve others?

Quotable: Serve

3 thoughts on “Quotable: Serve

  1. AMP says:

    I checked out the link – very great ideas. I am hoping to decrease my material possessions this year and really try and refocus on enjoying the relationships and activities of life instead. How that can all help to serve others – I am trying to figure that out now. :o) Thanks for sharing!

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