Ever think about how some of your habits might be universal? Meaning there might be some minor idiosyncracy you think is unique, and in all actuality there are plenty of people on this great big universe who imagine, react, process and reason just like you. Moments like this remind me that the world is not as big as it seems. It puts a big smile on my face to think, I’m not the only one who…

  • Looks at the time, and if it happens to be 7:10- I shout ‘It’s my birthday’
  • If I ever see a paper posting in a public area or space for a job, apartment, or anything being sold/advertised that I want, I make sure to tear that paper down. #nocompetition
  • When I was younger and me and my little brother had to share chips I would open up his pack, pour some of his chips into my pack and then call it even.
  • If I log into e-mail on a public computer, I compulsively go back to GMAIL.com and YAHOOMAIL.com when I’m done to make sure I’m logged out.
  • If I happen to get on a public computer and someone is still logged into their e-mail, I look for anything interesting in the Inbox. Then I proceed to the ‘Sent’ box. After a couple of giggles, or a major disappointment, I do log out!
  • Every time I hear someone say ‘You live and you learn’…internally I say and then you get Luvs.
  • It’s 10pm… (they got you too)
  • For a long time, I didn’t know that plates were not meant to be pot covers.

What are some of your quirky habits?


6 thoughts on “UniverSoul

  1. For some reason it seems almost every time I check the time in the evenings it’s says 8:43. I often wonder if there is a meaning there which escapes me.

    Pour some of HIS chips into YOUR pack. Hilarious.

    I may or may not have logged into a computer and saw where someone didn’t log out of their email and became nosy. Lol. Um let me see – I smell my food before eating, no matter who it offends (the cook).

    Umm I look around and see if a person’s house is clean before I sit down. Bad habit, I know.

    There are others, but currently at a rush for time…

  2. HAHA! I loved your list.

    One quirky habit I have is wearing my socks inside out. It’s a habit I have adjusted a little over the last couple of months, but something that was extremely habitual for myself.

    When I meet someone knew or am going to meet with someone new (meeting, interview, etc) I always Google them (I actually Google everything)… but I always Google a person to see if anything comes up.

    one more..

    When I am sleeping and get too warm, I always stick one leg and one arm out of the covers.

    1. Wow, never heard of anyone wearing their socks inside out. I’m a fan of wearing mis-matched socks, mostly because I hate pairing socks after laundry. Hm, Googling names might be a smart move. When I sleep and get too warm, I usually put my feet on the wall to cool down, it can give you a nice stretch sometimes too. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Feet on the wall?? I did that as a kid! It does cool you down. Something quirky…I avoid people if I see them out like I literally stand still or get quiet and hope they don’t see me. I go back and make sure I logged out too if I checked my email in a public place and yep, I’m so gonna read your email if you leave it open. Lol but I’ll log you out so I feel I deserve the opportunity to read it 😛

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