Thoughts During Zumba

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I should warm up.

 This is mah song!

I should’ve bought some water.

That’s such a cute outfit.

I should get a cute outfit.

I can’t believe I got that wrong on the test.

Only 15 minutes in?!

I wonder how my butt looks.

Who sweats there?


Who shimmies in real life?

I need to shave.

This is the white-girl ‘go to’ move.

I should get some bright sneakers, too.

That’s not the way this song goes.

Why does my face look like that?

Is she wearing a thong? That must be so uncomfortable.

I need some water.

She’s got that move down way too fast. She probably goes home & practices.

Don’t look at her butt.

I can’t see any {straight} guy taking this class.

If I hear ‘Gasolina’ one more time…


20 more minutes.

And now for the Cool Down,

Zumba Lluvia

Thoughts During Zumba

3 thoughts on “Thoughts During Zumba

  1. Ms. Nikks says:

    LMAO! I love Zumba, my thoughts are similar at times. I wish they played more than the repetitive reggaeton though. Damn same songs for just about every class. Great workout though.

    1. Yes, the songs do get tiring when you’ve gone like 3 times already. That’s why I try to switch days and instructors, because if I have the dance routine down I tend to ‘cut corners’ and not dance with the same interest of a new student.
      It’s still fun to imagine a guy trying to emulate the hip thrusts and shimmies… 🙂

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