Blog Nugget: Break Ups

How do you get someone out of your system? There is no “ex wash”.  No spray that will rid you of memories; no button that you can push to change feelings of wanting or  needing someone who has been in your life.  So, how do you do it?

Read the rest of this post, I have no answers, via The Next Thing I Knew.

Blog Nugget: Break Ups

7 thoughts on “Blog Nugget: Break Ups

  1. Ms. Nikks says:

    I convince myself that the person isn’t losing sleep over me, so why am I stressing myself out?! Or I remind myself there was a reason and and a lesson.

    I also agree with the other comment, friends are there and are usually quite the helpful distraction.

  2. Good read.

    I’ve learned from personal experiences that one goes thru the motions and eventually it doesn’t hurt as much as it once did.

    Good friends and family and remaining positive is key, as well.

  3. I’m hearing that it’s a combination of friends, time, God, family and tricking your own brain to dominate your heart. Hmm… too bad there’s not a one-size fits all formula.

  4. Stay active. keep good friends close. Practice acceptance. Meditate on the lessons learned Don’t blame yourself. Re-focus on you and get a voodoo doll and stick often. (just kidding)

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