Things that Make Me Smile All Over My Face

8 thoughts on “Things that Make Me Smile All Over My Face”

  1. In earlier times did you know that some civilizations considered the Sun itself as God?

    Reading and writing are two things that serve as a constant in my life. Especially when I’m reading a writer or author whose material and style of writing I’ve grown to appreciate more than others i.e. John Grisham, Ralph Wiley, Dream Hampton.

    I like eating slices of wheat bread, separately, or with an apple.

    In ’08 someone introduced me to Salsa music, it was nice, but I just couldn’t seem to get all the way into it. Or, in a way that made me want to continue listening. Blame this factor on years and years of hip hip and the fact that I’m an R&B head.

    Co-sign early morning and late-night text messages.

    1. I’m not surprised, the sun has some amazing qualities.

      Tell me more about this hip-hip. I haven’t heard of it. :)

      Eating wheat bread with an apple- that’s hilarious! I don’t like apples and force myself to eat wheat bread.

  2. Going for a drive outside the city limits. Seeing the green grass, barns, and sun hitting my face. I smile just at the realization that I’m alive to enjoy the simple things.

    Babies, giggling & cooing.

    The smell of bacon & baking in a home!

    Ex texts out of the blue…it’s nice to know you’re thought of and that you left an impression.

  3. I co-sign on the early AM texts.

    I love finding a dollar bill in my pocket.

    I love Calypso – the way you feel about Salsa I feel about Calypso!

    I love when my dog is running so fast that she trips over her paws or flips! Too cute!

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