Tica Wan No: Questions for the Ladies VLOG

Today marks the birth of Tica Wan No (aka Tica Wants to Know). An anytime-I-feel-so VLOG where I ask any random questions that I’m really curious about and that a Google search just won’t suffice.

I really appreciate your answers to my unofficial first blog of the series (QUESTIONS), where I got some valuable questions answered regarding frozen/refrigerated foods.  Since wedding season is upon us, I figured I’d direct this VLOG specifically to the ladies.

Please don’t be shy…if this is your first time here, or your a loyal Tracer… make sure you let me know you stopped by!

Peace and Love,


Tica Wan No: Questions for the Ladies VLOG

4 thoughts on “Tica Wan No: Questions for the Ladies VLOG

  1. Ms. Nikks says:

    My experience as a bridesmaid was quite fun. My cousin’s wedding all I had to do was show up for fitting my dress, rehearsal dinner, and that’s about it. My friend’s wedding was fun. We were close and young, so we had a blast. I just made sure I was there to help drive her places, look at dresses, help with her son, and give ideas. Just let your friend know and her maid of honor that you’re available if they need extra help.

    I love your vlogs by the way. Funny, short, and to the point. Lol.

    1. Ok ‘be or make myself readily available.’ I like that. And thanks for your feedback! I am getting more advanced with the videos now that I realized (2 years after purchasing my computer) that I have a Video Maker on there. It makes vlogging fun!

  2. Channing in The City says:

    I haven’t been a bridesmaid yet 😦 The first of my BFFs to get married had a destination wedding and it was just for immediate family. I can’t wait to be one though!

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