Friday Fun: 9 Truths and Alie!

Well, I guess I gave that one away...

If you’ve ever played the ice-breaker/social game 2 truths and a lie, then you know it’s all about bluffing and how quick you can think on your feet! Here are the simple rules: Share 2 things about yourself that are the truth, and one that is not. See if anyone can guess (and usually it’s hard for strangers) which ‘fact’ is actually not!

The weekend is officially here therefore let the sillyness begin! Below you’ll find my 9 truths…and a sneaky lie. Most of my truths are things I’ve shared on the blog, so if you’ve been reading, you’re ahead of the game!

Let’s Go!

  1. On my first solo trip, I went to Bocas Del Toro, Panama.
  2. I was valedictorian of my Junior High School.
  3. I don’t drink beer.
  4. I don’t prefer watching movies alone.
  5. The only soda I drink is Ginger-Ale.
  6. If I could choose another career, it would be to become a pilot.
  7. I want to live in D.C. and marry a bearded Black Man.
  8. I don’t do Facebook, or Tumblr.
  9. I was bald as a baby.
  10. I got my navel pierced at 26.

PLAY ALONG: Along with your guess of which fact of mine is Alie, Share your 2 truths and Alie below, I’ll try to guess which one is the lie!

Have a great weekend,


Friday Fun: 9 Truths and Alie!

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: 9 Truths and Alie!

  1. Ms. Nikks says:

    #7 is a lie?

    About Nikks…
    1. I was born w/ polydactyly.
    2. I’ve been questioned in a murder.
    3. I’ve never in my life had ice cream.

    What’s my lie?

    1. My lie is #2. I was not valedictorian but one of my closest friend was. (Does that make me smart by association?)
      Is your lie #3? Number 2 sounds like a great conversation!

      1. Ms. Nikks says:

        Lol Totally thought you were a valedictorian. Smart by association & all by yourself!

        Yes my lie is 3. As for 2, I worked retail one summer and we were out of till tape so I wrote a receipt for this guy & signed it. He was murdered that night and burned in a ditch. Only thing that survived was the receipt, the portion with my name.

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