Bullet Points are my friend

School is officially over, all my grades have been posted and I’m in a writing slump. I’m not sweating it. It happens to even the best of us. So for the time being allow me to indulge in lists and bullet points. Bullet points are at times a blogger’s best friend. You ever think about how appropriate the term bullet points are… A bullet can at times be final and it gets people’s attention. A bullet point basically summarizes for you what I want to say in endless paragraphs. Basically, all the hard work is done for you. Now look at the time I saved ya!

Image from WeHeartIt.com
  • Grandma’s Home-cooked meals
  • Rainy days when I can sleep in
  • My father celebrates his 50th birthday
  • Coming back to my old neighborhood and seeing how the hood hasn’t really changed
  • Meeting blogger friends! (Make sure you check out Channing In The City)

  • The genius behind Animal Farm by George Orwell
  • Quality time
  • Not being attached to much except my laptop and inflatable bed
  • External mouse for said laptop
  • Activating faith and not being plagued by fearful thoughts
  • Having the free time to do things, but not the money to fund them
  • The pampering one could only get from a grandmother
  • New hairstyles discovered by mistake.
  • Thinking you may love someone you thought was strictly a friend
  • Memorial Day weekend barbq’s!
  • Sights that remind you why you love your city

  • Nail polish that lacks longevity
  • Humidity when your hair is straight
  • When you realize it’s time for a hair change but are indecisive about what to do
  • Sketchy job postings on Craigslist
  • Sleeping in a room surrounded by boxes and luggage
  • Booking a trip but feeling limited
  • Feeling like you’re neither here nor there
  • Having the free time to do things, but not the money to fund them

What are you FEELING/NOT FEELING this week?

Happy 3-day weekend (Memorial Day),


Bullet Points are my friend

10 thoughts on “Bullet Points are my friend

  1. “Rainy days when I can sleep in”

    Those are awesome, aren’t they? I wish I could’ve slept in last week because it did nothing but rain for a good chunk of it.

    “Sketchy job postings on Craigslist”

    Ninety-nine percent of those job ads there are scams, but once in a blue moon that rare one percent leads to a possibility. If it doesn’t have a name, company e-mail and a company phone number, then I don’t touch it.

    “Having the free time to do things, but not the money to fund them”

    I remember you saying that you didn’t have a job at the moment (sorry to hear that—the recession is a mess), and I know from experience (I was out of work all last year) that that sucks. Now I’m back to work and have the money, but lack the time to do anything. It’s an either/or scenario but never anything in between! Hang in there.

    1. Yes, I think rainy days should be reserved for sleeping in, cuddling, and ordering Chinese food. And if cuddling is not possible with a person, then I’m fine with my laptop in bed. šŸ™‚

      That’s great Craigslist advice. Every time I get a little depressed and wonder how/why could there be so many job postings and NOOO call-backs I and spend and hour replying to job listings on Craigslist with nothing fruitful coming from it. Makes me mad. Like I said, you point out a great rule of thumb.

      Thanks for the encouragement, Dienna, made me day.

  2. “Activating faith and not being plagued by fearful thoughts.”

    You better preach! Like my mom says, if you’re going to prayer don’t worry and if you’re going to worry, DON’T pray! Yay for making new friends šŸ™‚ And I feel like I need money. But I’m trying not to chase things, so I want the feeling of being comfortable and being able to do whatever.

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