Costa Rica Live (en Video)

Homesick. A year ago today, I was in my second month living in Costa Rica. In 6 days (June 11th) I’ll be celebrating Globe Tracer’s one year blog-o-versary.

Thought I’d share this video of Costa Rica taken by some surfin’ gringos. It does show some very tico landmarks like; sodas (our word for bodegas), Pilsen beer, soccer matches, wildlife, beaches, and lots of green!!



Costa Rica Live (en Video)

2 thoughts on “Costa Rica Live (en Video)

    1. Yes, ex-pat rates are extremely high, especially on the Pacific Coast. CR is kissed by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Cost of living is much cheaper than the US as one would imagine. Most people are buying up lots of property for hotel and tourism purposes, yoga retreats…

      Thank you! Glad to have you as part of my little space on the web.

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