1 Year of Tracing…

STATS for Globe Tracer

TOP 3 Most Read Posts of ALL TIME

A Mal Tiempo Buena Cara– 313 views

7 Things I learned from Going Back to School (At 26)– 215 views

On Rejection: First VLOG– 120 views

My busiest day and Views

February 24, 2012 with 102 views

TOP 3 Commenters

Ms. Nikks & Up4Dsn- tied with 26 comments

Jessica (A.)- 22 comments

don- 20 comments

Top 3 Views by Country (for 7 days ending 6-5-12)

United States- 144

Canada- 14

UK- 2

Tica’s Top 3 Favorite Posts:

Sunken Ship bar tale 

Random Things I will Miss from Costa Rica

My Bucket List

Thanks for Tracing with me again, I love the little community I’ve built here and look forward to sharing more of what life unfolds for me.

Pura Vida!

1 Year of Tracing…

13 thoughts on “1 Year of Tracing…

    1. Hey Val! In case you were wondering you did make the 4th place for commenters (with 19 comments). I am still scratching my head over how that happened since you’ve been here for a relatively short period of time. I really appreciate having you over because you’re a great house guest. You always bring something with you when you come over (an unspoken tico rule) and you leave me with something to think about when you leave. Thanks for that!
      Let the memories roll…I’m ready!

  1. You’ve a pretty good blog and no coincidence how your things learned upon returning to school is probably my fave post. I thought Rejection was a heartfelt post as well.

  2. Jessica says:

    HAPPY BLOG BDAY TRACE! So proud of you. It has been a delight reading your blog. I laughed, I thought, I reminisced and I aspired to be better do better and live!!! That’s what a great blog should do-so here’s to you *raises virtual champagne glass*. Congrats xo

    p.s. thanks for the comment shoutout…this makes 23! and counting teehee

    1. Thank you, loyal Tracer. You comments are a delight to read, and I’m glad you can relate, learn, laugh, shake your head and be inspired. Thanks for your virtual support, although a real-life toast is definitely due before the summer is over!
      Let’s make it happen.

  3. Happy BLirthday! That’s my word I made up for a blog birthday.
    I only recently stumbled upon your blog but I really enjoy it. I’m looking forward to reading more! Yay!

    1. Thanks Nicole, I’m still randomly perusing yours, I hope you don’t think it’s weird to have new comments and reactions to things that are so OLD NEWS on your bloggy. You are really committed to the music and movie cause, it’s great to hear your take on things…

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