My Summer So Far…

I know it’s not technically summer, but since classes have been over for awhile (maybe 2 or 3 weeks, who’s keeping count?) I feel that my summer is already under way.

What have I been doing besides wearing the same Interview outfit over the past couple of weeks? (in no particular order)

Making cheesy collages like this one…
  • Decided against straightening my hair for the summer to prevent the battle against humidity
  • Fell in love all over again with blogging
  • Have been blessed by God beyond belief not only to be attending my dream school for Grad Studies, but to have an awesome community of people who are supporting me along the way
  • Joined some other new social site where people are signing up to meet people aka Flirt: Badoo
  • Also joined LinkedIn- and cringe every time I’m notified that I’m connected to someone by e-mail
  • Read Animal Farm and started 50 Shades of Grey
  • Have felt like I’m loosing my religion by continuing said journey through 50 Shades of Grey and since then have not read past page 125ish
  • Washing my hair almost every other day (a practice I’m not used to)
  • Acting kinda skankish
  • Responsibly gotten my mid-yearly Status check-up
  • Adopted a little sister of sorts
  • Have lamented over countless hours behind my computer screen
  • Experimented painting my nails in some funky summer colors
  • Have contemplated doing my follow up vlog to Rejection
  • Have suffocated on humid nights trying to sleep in a room that gets no outside ventilation
  • Fallen asleep late night next to my bed buddy aka my laptop
  • Pondered over paying any mind to the new season of Love and Hip & Hop: Atlanta
  • Found out about the political climate in certain states while performing telephone surveys- my unofficial ‘job’ of the moment
  • Have set intentions to start reviewing my coursework/start refreshing my memory before Grad school begins
  • Am contemplating having a quiet birthday, although I’d rather be spoiled.

As you can see, my summer so far has been filled with all kinds of trivialities. I can’t say that I want it any other way right now.

What are some habits/plans of yours that mark the official beginning of summer?

My Summer So Far…

12 thoughts on “My Summer So Far…

  1. Wow girl! You’ve been busy. If this is just the start of your summer, imagine how much fun you’ll have throughout the entire summer. I’m sure it’ll be a blast.

    I know for me, the official mark for the beginning of the summer is being able to sleep with the windows open. There is nothing like it and I always look forward to that first night of open-window slumber.

    1. For me it’s either window open or death at this point, and then to make things worse the mesh has a hole in it so yesterday the flies came in too. For the most part, it’s been mild but because my room is not facing the easterly winds it’s just always hotter in there than outside.
      I enjoy a hot summer night though…more so than the prospect of sleeping with AC and risk getting sick.

  2. Skankish? You?

    I remember those humid nights when I lived on the East Coast. It was hell.

    Awwww@you adopting a little sis. That’s so cute.

    50 Shades of Grey? Lol I hope you’ll do a review.

    Summer for me is planning for Fall. I’m really not a Summer person. All the things I like to do are better in Fall. Like travelling. So I plan my Fall trips in Summer. Also, I’m planning a garden for Fall. Otherwise the one thing that I do in Summer more than other seasons is walking. The weather here is really mild in Summer and it never rains so it’s a great time to explore by foot.

    1. Aw man, I thought everyone would breeze past skankish…isn’t that what summers are for? lol
      I don’t know if I can finish 50 Shades. It’s not helping the skankish mentality.
      Sounds like summer for you is an early fall. Fall is awesome- all I want to wear is trench coats.Gardens are foreign to me, and where are we traveling to? Deets please!

      1. I love travelling by rail. I want to take a train across Canada. They have a really great rail line there called “Via”. So I’m trying to convince The Girlfriend that should be our major trip for the year. Have you ever travelled by rail?

      2. No, not for any substantial amount of time. I mean, I did take an 8 hour ride from NYC to upstate…scenic route but not meant to be done solo. šŸ˜¦

      3. I took a train trip all the way from NY to LA by myself once. It was mostly fun but you’re right, travelling by train is much better with a friend. I had a layover in Chicago I was really frustrated because I had to explore and sight see by myself.

  3. Ms. Nikks says:

    Damn. I seem really lazy compared to you.

    50 Shades of Grey, Lawd! I’m pacing myself. That mess is wild but I kinda like it. Lol. My friend bought the book after me and she’s done the third one. Lol.

    Grad School, congrats. Very happy for you.

  4. Please say I’m the adopted sister of sorts! Pretty please šŸ™‚ And lmao @ being a bit skankish! It’s good for you :-p I’d say you’re having quite a summer!

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