Open letter to Summer, at 2 1/2 years old.

Dear Summer,

There are some things I don’t want to forget about our time together at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Although I took plenty of pictures and videos, there are just some things you can’t capture in stills and seconds.

  • At 2 and a half years old, you are almost just as big as some 4 year old’s.
  • You are very independent little lady, you like to be hands-on with no help when it comes to learning a new skill/toy
  • You are a fast-learner. Today you flew a kite all on your own
  • You are learning how to share more, with some prompting
  • You are very active and full of energy
  • You prefer parallel play which means you play next to other children but not necessarily with them
  • You love white rice from the Chinese food spot (I must agree it was steamed to perfection)
  • You like water in your own terms. You’d rather sit in a calm pool then be splashed in the face by unpredictable sprinklers
  • You love bubbles (what kid doesn’t, right?)
  • You are also an iPhone expert at this age, and seem to be exhibiting the early signs of being a technology addict
  • You call your mother “Momma” and “Mommy” and your father “Papa”
  • Your favorite movie is Toy Story (The original)
  • You like toys from the vending machines
  • You are too big for a stroller now
  • You wear a size 9 in shoes
  • You have the cutest walk and the funniest run, since you are still slightly bow-legged
  • Your smile reminds me that God makes breathtaking miracles

Here’s to more sun, smiles and discoveries,

Your Godmother Tica


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