It’s My Birthday…

And I can blab if I want to,

blab if I want to,

blab if I want to… 

Last year around my birthday, I composed a Birthday Goal List of 26 things I wanted to work on and improve in my life (I even followed up with that list 3 months later)… this time around I figured I would speak my intentions into the Universe and cut my list down to 3 Goals that I can tackle and now that errybody knows my intentions, I figured it doubles as an accountability tool as well, right?

Well, give a tired woman a camera and some inspiration– and here’s what you get. Excuse my choppy editing ahead of time!!

WARNING: Blabbering ensues… watch in part if you must.

As always, comment welcomed.

It’s My Birthday…

6 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday…

  1. First, Happy birthday again! Second, you look adorable! Third, great goals. Your first and second short-term goals require a delicate balancing act. Knowing when to give access to people is often very difficult. I usually try to go very, very slow with that. And you couldn’t possibly be more sensitive than I am. Lol I’m so easily hurt that it’s pathetic. I’m not sure what the cure is for that except maybe as I get older life will toughen me up a bit?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to your success in grad school! You are going to do so well. And what fun it is to move to a new city. That has, unfortunately, always been one of my favorite things.

    That’s it. Great vlog! I loved the music and the graphics. Lol Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

    1. Aww, you’re too sweet Val. I’ve never officially moved to another city, so I’m very much looking forward to the new discoveries. New friends, new secret places and new landscape.
      There’s this song by by Gilberto Santa Rosa called “No Quiero Na’ Regala’o” and he’s basically saying to the woman…when you kiss me, I want to have earned it- because if I haven’t then there’s nothing to savor. He goes on to talk about the difference in enjoying a harvest you sow as opposed to one that’s just given to you. I’ve been thinking about this in more than just the physical sense…but in the spiritual and emotional sense. I’m thinking my sensitivities will change, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking. Sometimes you just are who you are.
      Thanks, hope your weekend was good!

  2. Jamilah says:

    Wow! First let me say happy belated birthday 🙂 . I enjoyed hearing your goals for the upcoming year and can say I totally relate! People definitely have to earn their keep to be in our presence as well as us having that responsibilty with distancing ourselves from those that are not deserving. As for your new journey in a new city attending grad school…being prepared will wash away the anxiety. I found that to be true when I attended grad school…being prepared and organizing my studying materials and overall academic scheduled allowed me to be more calm and focus. Good luck and best wishes 🙂

    1. Thank you, I am still working on being more prepared..even with just working long days, the small details make all the difference (sticking to a bed time!, ironing clothes ahead of time, getting my bag ready the night before). I just know that being OVERPREPARED is what I have to get in the habit of doing, and I think it will go better for me if that’s the case. Thanks so much for your comment, and I look forward to seeing you around! 🙂

  3. Shalonda says:

    I love, love, love your three goals for 27, and life in general. I can definitely relate and I find that I struggle most with making people earn their keep to be in my life. There is some fault is always trying to see the good in people instead of just seeing them for who they really are. But, I’m learning =) Don’t be scared of this new journey known as grad school. You will be successful. Some things that have always helped me stay prepared include making a schedule, keeping to-do lists and post-its around, developing a routine, and finding your groove…LOL. By your groove, I simply mean determining what works best for you or your own personal formula for success. Whether that relates to location, time, or company, you will figure out the best way for you to get things accomplished. Just be careful that in your quest to be overprepared, you don’t allow yourself to become burned out. That’s a lesson I learned the hard way during my studies. BALANCE is soooo important. So study hard, but also enjoy your new city…and invite me to visit 😉 Okay, I’m going to sleep now (excuse any

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