Things that Are Rocking My World

Teach Me Norwegian?

  • The generosity of strangers
  • Apartment hunting from a distance
  • Jill Scott’s lyrics where she reiterates ideas by changing the word order.
  • Reiterated message of ‘Write a book!’ Topic/Title still unknown.
  • Pitbull’s life motto seems to be the word “DALE!”
  • Childhood Nostalgia. ie: this song
  • Finding and watching old home videos or photos
  • Facial piercings I see with no rhyme or reason. Recently I’ve seen an earring where dimples rest and piercings on cheekbones, among other places.
  • In 4 weeks, my life as usual will change. Change my life as usual in 4 weeks.
  • Should every writer attempt to write a book?
  • The more social media I use the more socially-deprived I feel.
  • Unexpected chemistry.
  • My love affair with the high bun.
  • My mother is the Hallmark Queen. A rare breed.
  • Wearing other people’s shoes or raiding other people’s closets.
  • End of time dancers in this video. I love men that look super masculine dancing!!! Check out the white boy in the second row tho!!
  • How my smart phone has replaced my book reading time.
  • Girl crush on Alexandra Joner from J. Coles ‘In the Morning’ video (see first picture)
  • Miguel station on Pandora playing very sensual songs.
  • Camera phone lets me capture every moment in a flash!!
  • Savoring NYC sights and window displays.
Peek-a-boo Chrysler Building!!
  • Curls!!

What’s rocking your summer right now?!!



Things that Are Rocking My World

4 thoughts on “Things that Are Rocking My World

  1. AMP says:

    1: Love the curls!
    2: I want to dance like that one day!
    3: Hallmark cards are still the best!
    4: 4 weeks is too soon!
    5: Aparments are like diamonds in the rough – good luck!
    6: Rocking my world right now (in no particular order): Kinship CD, Spin Class, TOMS, Doctors (real doctors, not the show), LIFE, my in between hair – not so short yet not long…, LIFE

    1. Wishes do come true! Thanks for leaving Lurkerdom behind, I hope others follow in your footsteps (*ahem* *ahem* That means YOU!).
      1. Thanks, I love the curls too- but they take so much maintenance.
      2. I dance like that in my head.
      3. Cards and handwriting are surely becoming obsolete, I’m glad to still raid cards for checks. 🙂
      4. *sigh*
      5. *double sigh* …but I have FAITH!
      6. Kinship- the married couple? TOMS- I can’t afford them. lol
      How about books?! Did you jump on the 50 Shades bandwagon? I started to, but it’s just not keeping my attention.

      1. AMP says:

        Lurkerdom gone! – I raid cards too – but I was upset to see that new CHASE commercial where the young African American kid off to college opens a card from his lovely grandma and was upset there was no check or cash until she “eyed” him to look at his phone – I mean c’mon! Sweet card from Grandma should have been enough! My handrwiting is degenerating – whenever I try and write normal it feels foreign to me. *Double sigh” just means the right thing is still out there for you – keeeeep looking and make sure it has enough space for AMP to come and visit lol. Kinship is this new worship cd I got from a guest worshipper at VONB.
        Books; I did jump on the bandwagon – I raced through them but felt they were ultimately a bunch of pooey. Don’t waste your time! I am reading “A Wedding in Haiti” by Julia Alvarez and “Come on People: The Path from Victims to Victors” by Bill Cosby. Also finishing the Game of Thrones series (yes still – it has been almost a year – sheesh)

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