You Tracing? (Picture Heavy)

I’ve named this second love child of mines GlobeTracer, so how’s ‘bout we talk about some travel today? Now, I know you may be wondering how I can consider myself a GlobeTracer when I don’t do much but talk about Costa Rica (topics like where my journey started, random things I miss about Costa Rica, and informative fun mini-lessons) and every now and again I talk about my little get-a-ways. Well folks, if you’ve been around long enough you would know:

1. I LOVE MY COUNTRY. And I will never get tired of talking about it. 🙂 Once you visit, you’ll be versed in why.

2. Short get-a-ways are for survival’s sake! Take them as frequently as life allows.

 I’m officially in the season of mini-get aways. Since grad school became the goal, budget priorities changed. I’m sure anyone shelling out $40,000 in tuition for a Master’s program can attest that your life drastically changes when you chose that route. So I’ve come to embrace GlobeTracing as a state of mind. A state of being away, of shutting the busyness out without spending a dime or money to get there. That basically means when I daydream I’m picturing myself getting ready for my next trip. It also means I’m reading lots of summer travel stories, and making my vision board (whenever I settle in and can locate my travel magazines) so I have NO doubt where I want to venture off to when that vacation time and money line up. Mentally GlobeTracing requires lots of imagination. And in reality, when you sacrifice and fight for a trip—you enjoy it that much more. So don’t be discouraged if you can’t go where you’d really like right now, remember grasshopper; Patience has its own rewards.

Speaking of fighting for trips, earlier this month I fought to make it to Chicago, Illinois. My friend was getting married at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. I begged my father for standby tickets, scrounged some little change together and got on a plane the day of the wedding, and came back the next day. Talk about short trips. Let’s venture, shall we.


Take more pictures than you normally would, to make it seem like you did more than you actually did.

Panoramic view
First Perk of the Trip… First Class upgrade. Breakfast of Champions!
If breakfast and seat 1C weren’t exciting enough..behold, a woman pilot! My first time seeing one.
I’ve LANDED SMILE! Now, time to navigate the trains.

Old NYC habits die hard…

Hmm..might be a long ride.
Finally, the hotel! Walking distance to the school’s Chapel!
YES! All the single ladies, with a married one in the bunch…
Communion- sharing of the holy sacrament.


Be flexible. Remember that you won’t be able to see EVERYTHING in one trip. Enjoy where you do go, don’t rush it.

Day 2 Millennium Park and Downtown Chicago. Couldn’t leave Chicago without trying the good ol’ pizza!!

Check out what these Towers at the park do…

Art students
Where the Locals go…
Don’t mind if I do…
For one please…
Pizza-stuffed with cheese? *gulp* BEFORE


Avoid pulley-bags or heavy messenger-type bags. They cramp your style if you’ve already checked out of your hotel and have to sight-see with your luggage.

Tourists? Ain’t no tourists here!!
Skyscrapers close to a coastline of water one can actually enjoy- this makes no sense!!

Are you Tracing? Physically or Mentally? Where to?!

Take me with you,


You Tracing? (Picture Heavy)

16 thoughts on “You Tracing? (Picture Heavy)

  1. The only thing that gets me through the fact that I have to work for a living (why can’t I just be rich?) is knowing that I’m working to make money so I can go on trips. Traveling is a genuine joy in my life. In fact, when I’m on one trip, I already start thinking of where I should go to next. I’m in a constant state of wanderlust. If only I had enough money so I could just travel all the time. Sigh.

    Also, just wanted to say that I love that pretty green dress you were rocking. Fabulous! And I also love that colorful top you were wearing too. And that “pizza” scares me. But not so much so that I wouldn’t shove it in my face and devour it. 😉

    1. I used to feel that same way- WORK 2 TRAVEL. Hmm, makes for a catchy blog name. But I think I’m getting into a field where that feeling will change…and my budget for trips will dramatically increase. I’m still thankful to God that I’ve been where I have, but I still haven’t been to Europe, or taken any flight longer than 5 hours. It’s time to really be culturally stimulated.

      Thanks, that green dress saved my life. My friend got it for me 3 years ago and it was my first time wearing it. Goes to show you how many dresses I wear. The Mexico-top, thanks! That pizza was heavy, I’m not a big pizza girl, but it was good. This post was all Nicole; travel, food and nail polish! lol

      1. That’s great that you’ll enjoy what you do for a living. That’s rare so yay for you! Makes working not suck. 🙂
        I’ve never been to Europe either but that’s because I’ve deliberately put it off for later. I want to travel to the further away countries first; the ones with really long flights and where life is more different from the U.S. I figure I should go to those places first before I get too old and become a total curmudgeon. Europe is an easy trip. I can do that anytime.
        By the way, I’m going to Ecuador next month. Got any tips for me?

  2. Wow, they still serve food on planes? I love your blue dress! It’s so cute and so are your sandals!

    I was in Chicago a couple of years ago. I was there in winter and it was soooo cold! I felt like I was on another planet. I took the El when I was there too. I took the Brown Line from the Loop. I love trains!

    I’m afraid of Chicago pizza too. Yikes.

    How was the wedding? Did you dance at the reception?

    I want to go to Canada and take Via Rail from Vancouver to Halifax. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to do it though. 😦 But, I saw Sheila E. and her family perform in the park in San Francisco last weekend! Lol. That was a pretty big trip for me as I usually avoid going to San Francisco.

    And I love the pics you shot from the plane.

    1. Hey V- First class privileges. I can get used to traveling like that. 🙂 I loved the dress too- does it look blue to you? It’s like a nice shade right between green and blue, it looks so different in different lights.
      I took the train pics just for you. But now that I have to get used to a different metro- I’m kind of fascinated by how they all work. I will miss my Metrocard though!
      The wedding was simply classic. I did dance, but not much. It was a case of too many single women- not enough MEN! (that were not spoken for, anyway). So, it’s a little awkward looking at your girlfriend while someone is urging you to ‘back it up’…well, either way I enjoyed getting to know a new city/suburb.
      What’s wrong with San Fran? I still haven’t been. One summer I decided to, and ended up in San Diego because I mixed up the two (oops!). lol It was still fun, being that close to the border. That Canada trip sounds tempting, with the right company. I can’t be going long distances trying to entertain myself. lol

      1. Your dress looks turquoise-ish to me? Which is sort of a combination of blue and green, right?

        Thanks for the El pics! That’s so sweet that you remembered that I love trains! 🙂 i love exploring new public transportation systems, you’re going to have fun!

        Lol@you mixing up SF and SD. I’ve actually only been through San Diego on my way to Mexico. I hear it’s beautiful there. Regarding San Francisco; I suppose I’m just tired of it. I lived there for a few years and was in love with it at first. Then I really got to know the city and it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

      2. It is kind of turquoise-ish, but I can’t put my finger on the color. It’s really an awesome material (soft as silk but not as delicate) and I’m totally favoring holding onto the dress/color for some unknown day in my future. I’ve never been to San Fran- all I know is property prices are also ridiculous there. Yea, that’s what usually happens when you learn about the true nature of a place. You no longer believe the hype.I’ve never been to Mexico. Not interested in going to Tijuana to get wasted.

  3. great post!! nice shots! glad you got to go to your friend’s wedding and explore my neck of the woods! 🙂 i love chicago! how did ya like the pizza?? it’s my ultimate favorite!

    1. Thanks for commenting ames. The pizza was intimidating…but I would try another one when I go back. And I love Chinatown’s in different cities. I have a thing about visiting every places Chinatown. I didn’t make it this time, but I will the next time. I’m so glad I got to go to her wedding, albeit a short trip. What are some other, non-touristy places I should go/see? I heard the Harbor is nice too.

      1. Chicago’s Chinatown is pretty cool. Not the largest, but fun to walk around and check out the zodiac animal statues. Hmm….yea we have a nice lakefront! Navy Pier is pretty touristy but you can get a great view of the city from there. Especially at night. Millennium Park is always fun for tourists and locals. Come on, who doesn’t like checking themselves out in a giant jelly bean or grabbing a drink outside on a summer day?! We have lots of little neighborhoods with fun shops and restaurants to explore! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well and come back to Chicago soon!

  4. Channing in The City says:

    This looks like so much fun! I’ve never been to Chicago and enjoyed visiting through you 🙂 You and your girls looks so purty. I’m globetracing soon and very soon!

  5. Nikks says:

    Nice! I just got back from Jamaica (home) and I didn’t want to come back to Canada and work. Now like you said, I’m just motivated to work, so I can save and go back again! Love 1st class, I need to do that more often. Looks like you had a nice time though!

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