It’s (Almost) the First of the Month…

My Twitter/Blogger big sis just reminded me that Fat Mum Slim holds monthly Photo-a-Day challenges, if you’re interested.

I may/may not hold my end of the bargain, so I won’t commit.

If you play along on Twitter make sure you use hashtag #fmsphotoaday.

Happy 1st!

It’s (Almost) the First of the Month…

3 thoughts on “It’s (Almost) the First of the Month…

  1. JD says:

    I just rediscovered your blog. I sent you an email too. I can’t wait to see you post your pics (if you keep up with it . . . I didn’t even last a month). What is your twitter name? Do you have instagram?

    1. heeeeeeeeey! I’m so happy to see you around here. I do have Twitter (@TracitaLinda), not instagram and I’m using a new e-mail so I will be sure to share that info with you. I did like 2 days of it, but I don’t have enough brain capacity to remember to take a picture a day with the rest of my workload. So I started just using older pictures that applied (cheater). 🙂 I will probably post them this weekend.

      1. JD says:

        I think old age is kicking in. I just left a comment on your Miguel post asking for the same info *SMH!!* I forgot I asked you for it here, but that was at like 2 am, so I think that excuses it. I’ll gonna look you up on twitter now (mine name is viqtpie on there).

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