5 days of Photo Challenge

I attempted to follow the October Challenge for 5 days. Here was the result.

October 15th


I spend dinnertime in someone’s classroom 2 days a week.

October 16th


Working on consonant /s/ clusters with my client.

October 17th


Wild berries

October 17th


I showed this much leg because the weather permitted.

That’s as far as I got. How do you fare on Photo Challenges?

5 days of Photo Challenge

9 thoughts on “5 days of Photo Challenge

    1. I know how you feel. Even with a smartphone it’s hard to remember to look at the prompt that day of, especially when you have 5 million thoughts a day like I do. It does make it much easier to just snap a picture and go though!

  1. I never took 1 of these challenges before (kind of struck me as annoying).

    Who’s conducting this challenge? Is it your creation or something you came across on the net or from another blogger?

      1. Hell no lol! I wouldn’t wanna check her site. Blogger challenges are annoying to me. So how many days have you done now?
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