Monday Motivation

I must confess, I have an issue with this one. Especially at the beginning of my first semester of grad school, I couldn’t stop sizing the other students up– making mental lists of how that person and I are different and how we are alike. When I learned that the average age of our class was 22, I couldn’t stop imagining myself at that age and thinking “What was I doing all this time?” I couldn’t imagine entering grad school at 22, my maturity level, the support I had. But it still didn’t keep me from wondering “What if?”

Comparing yourself to others will get you nowhere, and might even slightly depress you. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to do what someone else does. But you have to remember–you have a unique story. Your life is not meant to look exactly like someone else’s. Even if it compares in some ways, you should trust that you are exactly where God would have you to be right now. And I’m still learning that…

I’m a 27 year old graduate student.

I’ve worked out in the ‘real world’ for a couple of years.

This is my first time leaving my home state and going away to school.

I know the value of good education. I’ve worked for mine.

I know what it’s like not to have your parents give you handouts.

And I’m getting an opportunity to learn from some greats in the field.

That’s my story,


Monday Motivation

9 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

      1. Depends. Maybe in terms of having to work to survive- not everyone experiences that after college. We call those folk where I’m from ‘hijos/hijas de mami y papi.”

      2. Lol I thought you didn’t know Spanish lol!? You holding out on me? Oh, and maybe guys like Mitt Romney don’t know what it is to have real-world experiences lol. Just saying.
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  1. Don says:

    *standing ovation*

    God bless you Tray. I too find myself comparing my story to others in class. Then I remember our pasts, good or bad, are quite different. And then I thank God for simply “being there”, cause in the end that’s most important.

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