Votes Will Make Her Dance!

Hey lovelies! How was your Halloween? I’m all doped up on caffeine now since I decided to indulge in a Caramel Frappe around 6pm. I did not celebrate Halloween this weekend, and in the wake of #Sandy, there didn’t seem to be that same holiday spirit in the air. I hope that all my readers from NYC, NJ and the surrounding areas are doing well and trying to get back to some kind of normal. I saw this picture today on Facebook:

Twilight Zone…

I am writing mid-week with great news to report.

GlobeTracer has been NOMINATED! Yay!

For what? 2012 Best Travel Blog by BLOGS BY LATINAS.

What do I get if I win? I’m not really sure except a cool badge and bragging rights.

<a href=”” target=”blank”><img src=”” /></a>

So would you please be kind enough to vote GlobeTracer for BEST TRAVEL BLOG (Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page)? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

I will most appreciate it! Here’s a little dance in exchange for your vote! I will say this is a most accurate depiction of me trying to pick up dance moves on the fly! 🙂



Votes Will Make Her Dance!

8 thoughts on “Votes Will Make Her Dance!

  1. sunnydelyte21 says:

    Awww I will cast my vote!! LOL… Jersey right here, but I caught sandy and she did some damage, but I’m blessed to still have my home!! It was a crazy day/week.

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