Best Personal Tweets of 2012

To date, I have tweeted 6,516 tweets. I started my Twitter account on September 6, 2009 but I did not “get” Twitter until May or June of 2011, which is when began to really tweet consistently.

I enjoy Twitter because:

  • since Twitter updates ‘status’ in real time, it’s almost inherently impossible to waste a lot of time on it (read: Twitter is better than Facebook.) There’s only but so much to read.
  • Sometimes I only have the attention span for 140 characters.
  • It takes a clever person to express full thoughts in a couple of words.
  • I’m a passive aggressive person, and subtweeting supports this character trait.
  • I feel like my privacy is not being violated, as I control who has access to my account.

Here are just some of my favorite tweets of the year:

Tweet dos See you later Life philosophy tweet observations random thoughts Happiness

How do you enjoy Twitter life? or non-Twitter life?

Best Personal Tweets of 2012

One thought on “Best Personal Tweets of 2012

  1. “I want a life of laughter, photos, good food, travel, books and intimacy. Sprinkled with writing and direct deposits.”

    That’s my favorite tweet. 🙂

    And you are right about facebook.

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