Untold Story: Motivation Monday

Image from weheartit.com
Image from weheartit.com

I tend to mostly agree with this. Secrets are very powerful things, we become slaves to those people we share our secrets with.

What say you?


Untold Story: Motivation Monday

7 thoughts on “Untold Story: Motivation Monday

  1. Reggie says:

    No, I agree with you. I think the reality is that it’s human nature to want to share something that we shouldn’t. Because we do that, we become slaves (or as Val prefers “enslaved”) to that individual in hopes that they in turn won’t share. It’s something to think about. Sometimes its just best to keep our mouths shut.

    1. In our innermost being I think we all crave to be understood, that’s why we want to share. Thank God I’ve never shared a secret with someone that they ended up holding over me, but I do find that some things are better to keep between me and God. 🙂

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