Rockin’ My World: Winter Edition

Look up Eddie, say cheeseeeee

Things that are rocking my world currently:

  • Winter has made an appearance. WAAAAAAAHHH! I really can’t complain too much because it’s almost February. 
  • Family came from California for Inauguration and I got to spend time with my baby cousin (pictured above doing his “cheeseeeee”).
  • My room has been so cold (since my heat is temperamental) that it got me sick this week.
  • I have a sweet schedule this semester. 3 long days of classes and clinic and 4 day weekends! #icanttrustmyself
  • I have adult patients this semester- it’s a bit intimidating, but a nice change from the school-aged population.
  • I might go to New Orleans for Spring Break. That’s if I decide not to do an alternative Spring Break in Haiti. 
  • I’ve had distrust for mental health professionals for a long time, but I’ve decided to join a group therapy session and I’m excited about it.
  • Still undecided on taking the jump and starting dreds. Verdict is deadlocked.
  • My favorite new Pandora station: Lianne La Havas.
Ms. Lianne
  • Obsessed with men’s shoes for women.


  • Got to see Maura this weekend, although not under the best circumstances.
  • With every Christmas that comes and goes, my mom and I seem to look younger and younger. 🙂
Christmas 2011


Christmas 2012

What’s currently rocking your world?

Rockin’ My World: Winter Edition

6 thoughts on “Rockin’ My World: Winter Edition

  1. I love those shoes but, I’d love them more without laces.

    Awww@you and your mommy.

    Wow, Spring Break in Haiti? That sounds interesting.

    Why do you mistrust mental health professionals?

    I hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

  2. Thanks, I’m getting better. Just had to run its course…
    I had a bad experience in my past where confidentiality was breached.
    Spring Break in Haiti will be more of a working project, feeds the humanitarian in me. 🙂

  3. Wow, I agree, you and your mom look like SISTERS.

    I remember Maura. And this proves it:

    I enjoyed watch the Inauguration, I had a friend there who sent me some up close pics of President Obama and The First Lady that are awesome, and I will forever cherish. I understand exactly what you mean concerning the off and on weather. It’s the same here. I haven’t gotten sick, but it’s jacking my flow though. Lol. Headed to NOLA on Saturday to partake in the Super Bowl festivities. Too bad my team isn’t playing. We’ll be back home on Sunday though in time to catch a Super Bowl party.

    Who are you rooting for? Please don’t say 49ers. Lol.

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