I recently Google’d my name and came across this feature for Transitioning Movement I didn’t even know had published before I chopped my hair off in August.

I was Transitioning Beauty of the Week back in September.

My hair has gone through a lot. When I had a say, I chose to put my hair through a lot.

It’s been chemically treated.

It’s been dyed.

It’s been fried.

But over the past 4 years I’ve cut down on the frequency of heat placed on it. I’ve spent countless dollars on ‘natural’ products. I’ve cut my hair short. Worn my curls proudly.

I have fallen in love with my hair. But I’m also a fan of change and keeping things fresh. That will never change.

Let’s journey since my latest big chop.

August 2012






2012-11-16 16.38.20



January 2013 

First time putting some heat to it.

Soon I will get my hair shaped so that it’ s all even and grows back evenly again. I’m curious to see what I will decide to do next.


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