Spring+School= Torture

There’s nothing quite torturous than beautiful spring weather and having to endure sitting in evening classes for 2 and a half hours 3 days a week. *sigh* #gradschoolpains

The Spring semester is almost done, with about 4 weeks to go! I continue on to a first Summer Session, which ends right around mid or the end of July. I am really looking forward to Spring and Summer in the City! Everything about Spring makes me happy and I look forward to being able to explore this city, find new hang out spots, explore new events and just be in the company of good people!

The pull that is social events/invites while trying to balance school responsibilities is really hard to resist! I am trying to be open to doing things like studying outdoors, and I may begin riding my bike to school.

In the meantime, the weather is calling for comfortable nights and a change in wardrobe. Last night, I stumbled upon the blog of a fashionista and style maven who sews her own clothing! Not only are her designs incredible, but I think I may even have a girl crush! I love the way she puts her outfits together for her body type and I want to cut my hair like hers!!

Her name is Mimi, you can her see her DIY blog here.

What do you think of her looks? 


Click picture for Mimi’s website!


Any new habits you want to cultivate this Spring?


Spring+School= Torture

6 thoughts on “Spring+School= Torture

  1. Wow, you’re almost done with your first year! Yay! 🙂 I wish I could see the cherry blossoms. They always look so beautiful in photos.

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