She Shares Morning Tea!

Good morning lovelies!

*hugs* I miss you! Therefore this morning I woke up a little earlier to share some tea with you!

She Shares Morning Tea!

6 thoughts on “She Shares Morning Tea!

  1. Jodeci! Lol. I love that painting of the woman with the ‘fro behind you.

    A tattoo? Think long and hard.

    Spring is kinda blah here because we didn’t really have anything resembling a winter.

    Yep, I hate when it takes longer than it should to get somewhere.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about the concert! 🙂

    Have a fun weekend!

    1. Val, believe it or not I got that painting from a Haitian artist years ago (2008) in Venice Beach. Little did I know, I would be going to visit Haiti for myself one day!
      Tattoo- I already changed my mind. Smh. I think my skin is beautiful and I don’t want to mark it anymore, come next month, we’ll see how I feel. lol
      Did you miss winter?
      I must catch everyone one up on the concert, definitely after May 1st.
      Gotta keep pushing!

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