A #Photo Challenge: Live More Awesome

I’ve always wanted to participate in a monthly photo challenge, and I thought since it’s the last month of vacation for me, why not! I found one that does not hurt my brain to decipher, and seems to focus on positivity. Check out the prompts below!


Feel free to join in!



Today, I found it hard to muster up a genuine smile. Is the picture telling? My day has been mostly full of anxiety. I’ve still not found a replacement roommate and the other option presented to me is to move in next door where there’s a unit available. Problem is, I have not had very positive vibes from the person currently living there. It seems like 9 months is not a long time to put up with another uncomfortable living situation. But, if I can avoid it, then why shouldn’t I?

A have a high regard for home. It should be the place you go to get some peace, not to be cautious, or feel like you can’t let your guard down. I’ve never been so unsure about a living situation. When I’m concerned about making the right decision, it’s hard to think about positive things. It’s hard to smile when I’m a little torn inside. But, I think this picture may be a reminder that it won’t be forever. 

Smiling from inside,


A #Photo Challenge: Live More Awesome

4 thoughts on “A #Photo Challenge: Live More Awesome

  1. I love your T-shirt. I have two. One with the 7 train and the other is the F.

    Yep, home should be as peaceful and safe as possible.

    Nice pic. Good luck with the challenge!

    1. Thanks I am really proud of that shirt when I’m outside of NY mostly. lol

      I didn’t make the challenge. By day 3 I was done. But I really loved the prompts..so I may just do mini-blogs about them if I don’t end up taking pics. Whew! I can’t believe August is almost over. I will have to do a picture recap soon!
      Hope yours was swell lovely!

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