What about your Friends?

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.



Friends. The older I get, the harder it is to make and KEEP friends. 

Friendship is a very delicate affair. Remember how easy it was to make friends as a kid? 

You wanna play with [insert toy of your era here]?

It’s a topic I’ve already addressed on the surface. But if I dig deeper, I start to dig up lots of negative feelings. They are mostly insecurities about myself.

Am I too much sometimes?

What is it about me that pushes them away?

Why don’t they like me?

Is it something I said?

Am I too emotional, why do I care so much?

I’ve never been a girl with a large group of friends, I’ve gotten through life with usually one best friend at my side. But, as life would have it, usually that friendship is but for a season. And I’m learning that friends do come with expiration dates. When I meet new people that I look forward to becoming friends with, I find it awkward to build that friendship as an adult. I never want to come off as an eager freak. So I find it easier to have virtual friendships, the new way to meet folks. Except, it’s not the same.



What about your Friends?

6 thoughts on “What about your Friends?

  1. In my adult life my friend has always been the person I was dating. I have other acquaintances. Sometimes those acquaintances and I have sort of floated in to and out of friendship on occasion. I think this has been mainly due to me moving around a lot. But, there are other reasons. Like I have a scar from opening up to someone who betrayed me. So, I’m really slow to open up now to non-significant others.

    Anyway, for transient people, in the modern world, friendships are difficult to cultivate. You aren’t alone in your angst about it either.

    1. You always have “spot on” words, Val. I think in my case, I long for stronger connections in lieu of not having my older sister or family where I live now. My bf and I are friends, but I can’t talk to him about EVERYTHING. Plus, sometimes I need a break from him and it’s good to have friends to be with.

  2. This post makes me HELLA proud of you (and you know why it does). Mannnnnnnn. You just don’t know. I feel you though. Look at Tica, all grown up and ish. Lol. I know that once you read this comment you will say, “Don stay away from my blog.” Lol.

    Well, I wouldn’t have scrolled the page this far if it hadn’t been for the puppy dog flashing those sad eyes.

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