9 thoughts on “Video Archive: End of the Second Semester

  1. Kushite Prince says:

    Your room is not that bad. I’ve seen worse!lol Congrats on surviving the semester. Time for a celebration!lol Hey sis,do you have a Youtube channel? I want to make sure I subscribe to your channel if you have one. 🙂

    1. I’m still trying to find that “zen” in my room…keep re-arranging it and such. It’s just the natural night that gets me.
      I do have a channel, but I go back and forth between YT and Vimeo, any relevant VLOG will be posted right here. 🙂

  2. Lmao@your room! And, you smacking your candy! Ha! Don’t listen to the Prince, your room was a mess! No biggie though. My bedroom gets that way sometimes. And I gt mad and clean it up in the middle of the night. The GF just loves that. Not.


    Congrats on the new semester! Good luck!

    1. Right, for some reason I read the title wrong and I thought he was talking about my new room. Yes, that was a mess…but it was my mess! 🙂 I don’t clean in the middle of the night though…mostly whenever I can’t find chit I’m looking for and get frustrated.
      Thanks! I will be a ghost again soon…but will be enjoying the cooler fall weather.

  3. Congrats! You’re well on your way. I watched the video and all I could think about was how worried you were that you wouldn’t get accepted into Howard. Now look at you – only one year away from completing grad school.

    I’m laughing at video, cause its similar to the end of my bed that looks as if a small table sits there, but they’re neatly-stacked expensive ass school books! Lol.

    Proud of you. Finish strong.

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