Rockin’ My World: Fall Edition

What i'm loving

  • The summer weather that doesn’t seem to want to leave DC! It’s been in the high 80’s this past week.
  • I’ve finally gotten back into my groove with school. I’m currently seeing 20 elementary school children at my clinic site, as well as 5 classes and a research project which is gearing up for data collection soon! I feel clinic has been more about application and detective work and it’s taking a different dynamic now because more is expected of me as a 2nd year!
  • This lady named Laura Mvula. Her music Makes me lovely. (Also check out song: Unbelievable Dream) Thanks to my music supplier for this one! (*winks*) Any new artists you care to share?


  • I feel better about my room because I’m sleeping in the closet area. Let me explain, the room is naturally dark with a window in the back. I set up an inflatable bed in front of the closet because the light of the sun shines in. And the sun makes me feel better. The End.
  • Took my first midterm, and was second in my class to finish it!
  • Watched the Hot Water! episode of Family Guy. Father Stan buys a singing hot tub, which in turns makes him choose between his family or the tub– you can’t have both! You should recognize the singer behind the song. The whole episode is full of original songs. (on Netflix- it’s Season 7, Ep 1).
  • My grandmother and mother are in New York from Costa Rica and Florida, respectively. The possibility of seeing them next weekend is making me very happy since I’m not sure I’ll be seeing them during the holidays this year!!
  • The Gladiators are back on TV (#Scandal). I saw the premiere episode last night, but am still feeling like the premise is loosing some of its initial appeal. No spoilers here, but I wonder if it’ll keep my attention this season. What do ya’ll think?
  • I FINISHED ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, begrudgingly. (SPOILER ALERT) Now I have to wait until Spring of 2014 or summer? That’s cray. Here was my reaction to the ending: NOOOOOOOOOOO PIPER WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!! I had a premonition something bad was going to happen. It was a build up with the holiday and all that. They broke Vanilla. I mean, everyone has their breaking point. Easily my new favorite character is Poussey. I was glad to see Taystee again, but Poussey is so natural. She’s so darn cute, and I especially liked her tough exterior/sweet interior dichotomy. Believe it or not, Pennsyltucky was another character I hated to love. She’s so damn trashy! I promise I Googled her just to make sure her teeth weren’t really that jacked up. Them things are what nightmares are made of. I liked her flashback story, but I would have liked them to show how she personally negotiated her “salvation” with killing 5 babies. You don’t let that kind of guilt go and become so gung-ho for Jesus overnight. I’m really looking into reading the book, I think I may just do that to hold me over until Season 2.  DO SHARE! Have you read the book? What were your thoughts on Season 1? Fave characters, least favorite characters?


  • I am on a self-imposed Twitter break. For a month. I am in midterm season, and I have a feeling this semester is going to pass me by. Twitter was getting to be too much, I even find myself thinking in 140 characters now. So blogging is my only online platform, make sure you say hi once in a while. 🙂
  • I MISS DANCE in my life. I’m thinking about paying to take some Contemporary African dance classes when I get some down time on the weekend. Before it starts getting too cold and I will be hibernating at home.

LEAVE ME A COMMENT! What’s rocking your world right now?

Rockin’ My World: Fall Edition

8 thoughts on “Rockin’ My World: Fall Edition

  1. Jessica A says:

    I realized instead of commenting here I text you then again some comments I find too private to share but anywho so even tho I texted this:

    1. Yay you finished it! Isn’t it awesome. The writing and the characters are excellent!

    2. Wow so we really have to wait till spring/summer 2014?! Bummer !

    3. Lol at you think in 140 characters. I totally and literally laughed out loud as I read this. I’ve been there. I too take self imposed twitter breajfast. In all actuality it isn’t the same for me anymore. I love (and slightly addicted) Instagram more.

    1. OITNB is an excellent show, the series is based on the book written by Piper Kerman.
      There are some differences between the book and series, so it would be interesting to read the original.
      I do find myself “Tweeting” in my head, the natural inclination would then be to grab my phone but now that I’m on the break I’m starting to journal things and expound on my Journal app. We’ll see how that works out. One week down, one to go!

  2. sunnydelyte21 says:

    Are we Gladiators or are with b****hes?! LOL love love love that show!! 🙂

    I understand wanting to catch that little bit of light!! Me and twitter break up to make up…I’m trying to find my way back but in the words of Ms. Brown “Aint nobody…” you know the rest.

    I wull stop in as much as I can.

  3. I still hadn’t taken the time to peep OITNB. My woman tells me that I am missing out on some good TV. We’ll see. Lol. I feel you about Twitter. Although I pretty much use it to entertain myself, here and there, it can definitely leave a person thinking prematurely or in 140 characters as you stated.

    That’s wonderful: the opportunity to see both your mom and grand mom.

    I slipped badly on turning assignments on time last week. But I do plan to get it together this week and continue along in my educational goals. See what had happened was…I usually take Sundays to double down on class work but the Saints are playing great football (plus tailgating) so you know that goes. Lol. #WhoDat

    As far as dancing – “ooh, this my part right here.” LMAOOOO.

    1. I think you would appreciate the writing in OITNB, you should give it a try! I would love to hear your thoughts on all the great characters.The show is about women relationships, redemption, perceptions, etc.
      Looks like you need to give yourself a “fake” deadline to get those assignments in on time! It’s good to know I’m not the only one still trudging on with these classes! There is a light at the end of the tunnel tho!

      1. Yes, thanks for the words of encouragement. This week has been a very stubborn week for myself as all my assignments were past due. So I expect points deducted from my scores. As you can see I am at home now completing assignments (and reading blogs). Lol.

        I definitely plan to check out OITNB. I respect your opinion so I look forward to watching the series and characters.

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