Service trip to Nassau, Bahamas

Hello lovely people! I have been blessed to attend another service trip, this time to Nassau, Bahamas in exactly one week! Most costs are covered, but nightly dinners are not included. Please consider donating to a worthy cause. I, along with 3 other graduate students in speech-language pathology will be offering services to needy families that include: hearing screening and speech and language screenings. Some of these families desperately need help, and have been waiting months for services!

Read here, for more about the work that’s being done.

I am so thankful for you thoughts and well-wishes. If you cannot give, I understand. But please know that every little bit helps!

Click for my GO FUND ME page!





Service trip to Nassau, Bahamas

4 thoughts on “Service trip to Nassau, Bahamas

  1. You’re lucky! I’ve always wanted to visit the Bahamas. It looks so beautiful out there! You’re doing a great service helping those in need. You seem to have a beautiful spirit Tracey. Keep up the great work. Don’t ever change. 🙂

  2. “Grateful.”

    Yep, this pretty much says it all. Wishing you safe travels as you give the part of you who stands tall for worthy causes. The fact that you raised the entire amount via one donation speaks volumes of one’s belief in you. Awesome.

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