6 thoughts on “What’s Rockin’ My World: Winter 2014 Edition (VLOG)

  1. You will do great on the exam! Im thinking positive thoughts for you. During my teaching internship I was put with someone who was retiring. It ended up being a good experience. She pretty much let me take over because she was done! So it worked out. I learned a lot.
    I feel you on the not wanting to get out of bed. Somedays I feel good and others I am down. Just depends.

  2. I will definitely pray for you to do well on your exam. Even though I know you will do well. Your hair looks great. I do like the highlights. Regarding the car; just be very careful to watch the interest rate.

    Me: I’m looking forward to the SuperBowl! I’m also in the second stage of planning to move. I really want to get out of here by year’s end or at least early next year. I’m disliking this place more and more. Sigh.

    Keep warm!


    1. Happy Super Bowl Sunday, who were you rooting for? A move, so that’s something we have in common this year. I wish you the best in that transition, and I can totally relate to being over a place. I am also ready for a change of scenery.
      Have a great week!

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