Don’t Wait. Be Happy Now.

Gen Y Girl

We’ve been lied to all our lives. You know that, right?

We’ve been taught, through society, through movies, through our parents even, that things are always going to be better in the future.

From as early as elementary school, we look at the middle schoolers and think they’re so cool. We can’t wait to be just like them. So we spend our days dreaming of what it’ll be like to be in middle school, failing to understand that those are some of the most awkward years of our lives.

Later when we make it past those awkward years, we’re in high school. As freshmen we look at the seniors and can’t freaking wait to be the oldest. We can’t wait to go to prom, our senior trip, for graduation even.

Then we’re seniors and we go to prom, we go on our senior trip, we graduate. But by the time…

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Don’t Wait. Be Happy Now.

One thought on “Don’t Wait. Be Happy Now.

  1. […] Be happy AHORA (now). Easier said than done, but too many times we have this unrealistic ideal of when we will be really happy. Why not just practice happiness before you get engaged? Why not be happy enjoying life pre-children? Why not be happy before landing the dream job? Why not spend the last couple of weeks as a student indulging in bad eating habits and late nights? Don’t these experiences color the journey? […]

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