Remember #TheLegend

I once read somewhere that it was impossible to stay upset while listening to Bob Marley. Yesterday I was mad at the world and feeling so stressed out that I snapped on someone on my telephone (whom I deeply care about) while stuffing my face with custom-made pizza (don’t judgeth). Then Bob Marley came on in the establishment I was sitting in. Subconsciously, I began singing along and the parasympathetic branch of my autonomic nervous system kicked in (the one that restores your system in response to our fight or flight reaction) and I started to realize that I was wrong, yo. So, I give the man respect.

Whose music puts you in a better mood?

Remember #TheLegend

3 thoughts on “Remember #TheLegend

  1. Jessica says:

    Jazz and or smooth jazz def. puts me into a better mood, salsa, merengue, compas/kompa, and gospel then again I love music so pretty much anything lol

  2. “parasympathetic branch of my autonomic nervous system.”

    I was just about to run to Google until you explained exactly what it meant.

    Anita Baker always brings me to a peaceful place and Mary Mary and sometimes Tupac – certain songs. I feel you on saying things to people whom you really respect, when you know you don’t meant it. I did the same last year and although she had enough respect for me (I’m thinking) to eventually reconnect, I sure missed those days where she and I talked in-depth about life.

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