Thoughts on Rotation: Winter 2014

Le sigh

These thoughts are currently heavy on the brain.

I miss Haiti. Does Haiti miss me?

    I need XX amount of hours to complete my practicum before graduation. !!!! WILL I MAKE IT?!

There’s XX amount of weeks left before graduation.


     I really want to see him. 

I am hungry.

 I need coffee tonight.

I miss my bed.

    I need to write. I should write tonight.

I wish I could go home and read a whole book.

I shouldn’t have done that. That was so dumb.

 5 more minutes and I’ll get up.

We have a test tomorrow?!!

I should go to work tomorrow.

I need wine.

I’m so fat.

   Do I have my charger?

I REALLY don’t want to go in today.

She don’t like me. 

I miss him.

Why is my phone always dying?

I like him in my bed.

 Silence speaks volumes!

Why don’t I have more faith?

 I got an e-mail!!

I like to watch him sleep.

 She’s so right. SO EFFIN’ right!

I should probably be happier. Ain’t nobody working as hard as I am right now!!



Thoughts on Rotation: Winter 2014

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Rotation: Winter 2014

  1. Yep. I could relate to phone dying, wondering if I remembered to bring my charger, surprised to remember that I have a test tomorrow, and missing my bed. I’ve been on a poetry kick as of late. But I definitely be thinking to myself how I need to write and make sense of some things.

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