5 Things I Learned About Life: (Since 2012)

past is a story
Sometimes I believe this, other times I don’t.
  • Break-ups suck you-know-what. Eventually, with time, it becomes less sucky. Then you wake up, and you forget to remember the pain. That moment feels like victory. Common thread here is time.
  • School can be an awesome investment, but being in school can also make you wonder why are doing it. I made a career change at 26 years old. I will have a Master’s degree by 28. I never saw a Master’s degree for myself. But God had a different plan. He truly knows the desires of our hearts, hold on.
  • Be happy AHORA (now). Easier said than done, but too many times we have this unrealistic ideal of when we will be really happy. Why not just practice happiness before you get engaged? Why not be happy enjoying life pre-children? Why not be happy before landing the dream job? Why not spend the last couple of weeks as a student indulging in bad eating habits and late nights? Don’t these experiences color the journey?
  • Don’t be bullied into relationships. Having “something” is not better than being lonely or alone. Trust your worth, know yourself and listen to your gut!
  • Find time to write. Find time to read. Find time to __________. (insert what you love in the blank) Do what you love! It’s what makes life worth it!

Any lessons you care to share?


5 Things I Learned About Life: (Since 2012)

7 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned About Life: (Since 2012)

  1. A lesson I’ve learned is sometimes you just to have to say F it and take a leap of faith. I feel like I’m on the verge of doing that. I’m not happy in California and at the same time I’ve been unable to decide where to move. I feel like I just need to pick a place without a bunch of planning and go.

      1. Not sure. We might be at some sort of crossroads in our relationship. Or it might just be a speed bump. Only time will tell.

  2. “Find time to write. Find time to read. Find time to __________.”

    Breathe! At times we tend to get too caught up in the everyday struggles of this rat race (also known as life) that I think we forget to breathe, and enjoy the joy ALL the precious moments that we seem to take for granted? Since you asked your readers, I’m now asking you? Shouldn’t these moments be cherished as well?

    I think that’s why laughter is such a good thing. It momentarily removes us from the “other stuff” in life.

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